That Mini-Heart Attack

It’s not everyday that you get to ride with a guy in orange suit and a matching handcuffs in public transpo. Yes, you read that right, I was co-passengers with a detainee in a jeepney ride, but of course there was a police officer with him. (Mehehe, I’m so good at building climax, that’s why i’m a better story teller)

the guy in orange suit and handcuffs

the scumbag police officer who's listening to music with his fake Beats

So here’s what really happened:

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Bastos Daw

NOTE: This post is bilingual.

I need to reblog this because it all makes perfect sense. I agree to this 100% 🙂

A Good Liar

To spot a good liar, you need to be one.

After all the good lies that I pulled off, I could say that I am a good liar. Therefore, I could also spot one. But the point is, how did I become this bad ass liar who knows how to create instantaneous and very plausible lies? I too was wondering, until I overheard a conversation that gave me the answers that I needed.

I was taking a shower when I overheard my father reminding my mother about the excuse that they made up because they were avoiding a certain person. When this person calls, tell him this, that and blah blah blah. Confirmed! They were the reason I was so fluent with the language of lies.

Yes, they were the source. And as a very cultivating individual, I was able to sharpen this skill of lying. Honestly, there are times when I cannot distinguish the difference between a truth and a lie I made because the lie really is convincing. Am I sorry for this? I think not. In this world where you have no one to trust and the survival of the fittest, it is safe to say that it is one of my best defense mechanisms. Lucky for me, I have a little background with regards to the science of micro-gestures (thank you Lie To Me and Google).

As I said in a post in my other blog, I believe that man is only for himself and everyone else is after him. And I think I can get away with most things with my half truths coated with a bunch of lies. And guess what, it works most of the times. I dunno if I’m just really a good liar or I am just surrounded by naive and trusting idiots, I mean individuals.

And I think my parents have themselves to blame if they ever caught one of my lies. I was taught how to lie when I was younger, they can’t expect it to go away now that I’m older. I do believe in that saying in  my Psychology and Social Science class, “The child is the father to the man.” Everything that I am now is somehow associated to what I were during my childhood years.

Just to change the mood, and somehow related to this post, here’s The Pierce‘s Secret. This one’s the OST of Pretty Little Liars.

(Btw, this post is long overdue. I’ve been pretty busy the past days. Lol)

The Point of Uncertainty

I have reached  the point where I have no one to talk to, because I am always afraid people might judge me for the simplest things I cannot answer. This is another point in my life where a single statement from someone sinks me down somewhere near rock bottom. And while I always resurface and don’t show people that i too, have a low self-esteem, this time I am uncertain.

I really wish I have someone to talk to, someone who does not necessarily need to give me an advice or comfort me. I just need an ear to whisper all these worries away. I really wish I could spill some details, but I can’t. And I won’t. I desperately need a therapist, I seriously think so. There’s that fine line between sanity and insanity, I’ve been always on and off that line, it’s as if it were my second home. What has gotten into me? Why do I think like this? I still have a lot of questions that echo in my mind, but no one is there to answer back.

I don’t know if it hurts, but I know that does not make me feel okay for the least. Life does suck, and I constantly remind myself– life is fair. Indeed, life is. No matter what angle I see it, life is fair. But why do I deserve a life like this? Hell to the no saying it’s karma. I don’t believe in karma! Do I always have to go this low? Why? Please, answer me!!

I’m desperate. Therapist, please help me 😦



* If ever you’re reading this and you still feel like giving up, I still don’t know how to help you but please find a way for us. But if you’re well and good, please avoid getting into this state, you can’t handle it well.

A Thousand Years

I have died everyday, waiting for you.. ♪♫

Gawd, when do I get to know my final grades for this semester. I hate waiting, and it always reminds me of a saying a prominent person in my life always says (ahem, my father).

Waiting is a waste of time…

While most people would disagree, I wound partially justify that waiting is indeed a waste of time. It’s just a matter of utilizing your resources, and that includes time. And also, deadlines are deadlines, last Friday was supposed to be the deadline of submission of grades for the teachers, and it’s already a Monday. Okay, enough of the ranting already, they might have a valid reason for not submitting on time, which I doubt 😛

I may just be anxious, paranoid, disturbed and frustrated at the moment because of the waiting, but anything that involves waiting is not my cup of tea. I suck at patience, for me it isn’t a virtue. LOL

The Blog Title

So I’ve been taking this new nickname – “The Curbside Prophet“.

Where on earth did I get such a cool-sounding (at least for me) nickname? Well again, I say thank you to Mr. A-Z for his brilliance and his music. If it aint quite obvious yet, I’m a very big Jason Mraz fan. Yeah, his music makes a lot of sense and his play of words makes people tongue tied. And if you are a Mraz fan, you’ll know that I’m trying to rephrase one of his more famous songs. Lol.

So how does being the curbside prophet describe me? I really don’t know :)) The song just catches me.. In whatever ways, I hope that this song somehow describes at least little about me.

And btw, it will not be a tradition from this blog that a video/music will be embedded at the end of the post. Just saying.


Hohoho.. So I created another blog!

It’s not that I am dumping the other blog away, it’s just that the other blog‘s contents are exclusive to TV related, and there are times when the frustrated inner writer in me wants to post something gibberish! So yeah…

And I guess maintaining a WordPress blog would be more classy than a Blogger blog (sarrey!). And also I need to familiarize WordPress features for my internship. 😀

Basically, this is just a welcoming post, as if I have blog followers… And if I have one, bare with me 😛 The contents of this blog would greatly focus on the small to big random stuffs I want to brag or rant about. Now that I am running out of words to type (just proves to show that I am not a fancy writer and all), I’ll end this post with a video that I’ve been re-watching the past few days.

P.S. The video has nothing in common with this post, or let me make one NOW.

As this song speaks about HOME, let this blog be a new HOME for my soul. Mehehe..