Hohoho.. So I created another blog!

It’s not that I am dumping the other blog away, it’s just that the other blog‘s contents are exclusive to TV related, and there are times when the frustrated inner writer in me wants to post something gibberish! So yeah…

And I guess maintaining a WordPress blog would be more classy than a Blogger blog (sarrey!). And also I need to familiarize WordPress features for my internship. 😀

Basically, this is just a welcoming post, as if I have blog followers… And if I have one, bare with me 😛 The contents of this blog would greatly focus on the small to big random stuffs I want to brag or rant about. Now that I am running out of words to type (just proves to show that I am not a fancy writer and all), I’ll end this post with a video that I’ve been re-watching the past few days.

P.S. The video has nothing in common with this post, or let me make one NOW.

As this song speaks about HOME, let this blog be a new HOME for my soul. Mehehe..


2 thoughts on “Hohoho.. So I created another blog!

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