The Blog Title

So I’ve been taking this new nickname – “The Curbside Prophet“.

Where on earth did I get such a cool-sounding (at least for me) nickname? Well again, I say thank you to Mr. A-Z for his brilliance and his music. If it aint quite obvious yet, I’m a very big Jason Mraz fan. Yeah, his music makes a lot of sense and his play of words makes people tongue tied. And if you are a Mraz fan, you’ll know that I’m trying to rephrase one of his more famous songs. Lol.

So how does being the curbside prophet describe me? I really don’t know :)) The song just catches me.. In whatever ways, I hope that this song somehow describes at least little about me.

And btw, it will not be a tradition from this blog that a video/music will be embedded at the end of the post. Just saying.



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