That Mini-Heart Attack

It’s not everyday that you get to ride with a guy in orange suit and a matching handcuffs in public transpo. Yes, you read that right, I was co-passengers with a detainee in a jeepney ride, but of course there was a police officer with him. (Mehehe, I’m so good at building climax, that’s why i’m a better story teller)

the guy in orange suit and handcuffs

the scumbag police officer who's listening to music with his fake Beats

So here’s what really happened:

I was heading to the office, where I am an intern at. I’m on my last ride to get there and then a deserted 04L jeepney popped out of the corner of the road. I hoped in enjoying the feeling of being the first passenger, very spacious and airy. Not for very much longer, the guy in orange suit sporting a bit rusty handcuffs hopped it. I was like, wait what’s happening?, is this serious?, should I get off? I had that mini-heart attack.

But the next person who hopped in made be felt a little secure, the police officer. Then more questions started popping in my mind, don’t they have a police vehicle?, if they don’t why don’t they get a taxi instead?, what if this prisoner hostages another passenger?, what if this prisoner attempts to escape and might end up in a bloody chase?

My defenses on that trip was so high, I was very observant of the prisoner and the police officer. To worsen my worries, I saw the police officer wasn’t ready for any mishap that would happen because he was listening to music through his obviously fake violet Beats headset. And me, being me made sure to document this crazy sh*t that bizarrely happens. I took out my phone, plugged in my headset so the shutter sound won’t be heard. I pretended that i was also listening to music and made it obviously by tapping out beats on my phone. And I was able to successfully take their pictures.

And as passengers kept going in, I could see the look in their faces when they saw the handcuffed man first, the looks on their faces were precious: scrambling for possible escape routes  if a commotion might happen. And again, the presence of the police officer calmed them down a bit. 

And after 17 long minutes the police officer signaled the prisoner that their ride ends there. As I told earlier, I was alternately eyeing them. I also noticed that the police officer did not even pay the jeepney driver. How much of a scum are you Mr. Officer? Not even a thank you for your self-imposed free ride?

The moments after their exit and the last 5 minutes of my ride, I realized a few stuffs. We were never given the right to judge someone immediately, even if that person is wearing handcuffs. Who knows, he might just be accused of a crime he did not do. I should have given the prisoner the benefit of the doubt. I don’t even know if calling that guy “the prisoner” is offensive or not.

And also that police officer, seriously, why are you using your authority as a police officer to get free rides from drivers who are working so hard so could notice it in their unfriendly scent of sweat. No one is above the law, even if you are part of law enforcement. And where the heck did the taxpayer’s money go if you don’t even own at least one police car.

Gawd, I live in a poor country. Socially and economically.


6 thoughts on “That Mini-Heart Attack

  1. gamay pa lang na sa mga kagaguhan sa mga government authority esp the AFP & PNP.. try to be a red activist and you will see lots of their misdemeanors and how they are being used by the Gov’t to oppress & repress the masses..

  2. man, this is cool. last week, i had been a co-passenger of someone still floating in the clouds, so high he knelt when he got inside the jeepney. then he didn’t pay, jumped off the window. imagine if the prisoner did that. haha and clark, what if, the driver is actually an undercover agent, there to raise awareness among possible criminals that there is nothing sacred in these grounds and even with having committed a crime, one has still yet to suffer the humiliation and stress of taking public transportation. imagination flies with that co-passenger of mine. haha, but that officer looks so nonchalant he deserves action. real action, darn him.

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