240 OJT hours

Let the credits roll!

Hooray! I have finally finished my 240 hours of internship. And all those hours were very much amazing and New York-centric. I was very much overwhelmed and grateful to be a Project Leader for a New York based project. Although it was mostly medical, which I’m not I still manned up and grew some balls to take on the challenge. I had no regrets in taking the project though I had moments of struggle just to understand the nature of the project.

I was truly fortunate to be an intern at Greater Heights, where the bosses are as cool as friends and the working environment is welcoming. And also, I got to experience working overnight in the office, feeling the pressure of an online demo with lots of complications like power outage and internet connection problems. Yes, I had lots of first in this one-of-a-kind experience.

Now that my 240 hours of internship has ended and I’m turning into another section of my life, I will still be reminded of these experiences because I was given the chance to stay in the company. And I am very much willing to stay because I have the feeling that this *might* be the ticket I’m looking for to get to my dreams~ NEW YORK!

So I’m leaving this video “Empire State of Mind”, a song that greatly talks about New York and it’s wonders to boost, hype and fuel my senses as I take a leap forward to my dreams.


Adult Genre

Eleven Minutes

Eleven Minutes Book Cover

Way back in high school, when I was so naive and innocent, I read a book that was older than my age. Yes, and I did not mean to read that book if I have known. But hey, Paolo Coelho is one of the best writers in the world. After reading his worldwide hit, The Alchemist, I planned on going into a Coelho book marathon. So I bought THE book — Eleven Minutes.

Page 11, the word ORGASM screams out loud in the middle of the page. I was honestly taken aback. I was having second thoughts of finishing the book but the story was really interesting and extraordinary despite the adult nature of the book. Yes, there were some details explained and I was not able to finish the book on time. Why? I lost the book on my way home from a Baguio trip. *bummer*

But after everything and the advancement of technology, I was able to finish reading through an eBook and visiting the bookstore once in a while. Indeed, Coelho deserves an overwhelming standing ovation for that book. It’s really not the typical story of a girl meets boy, and it enlightened me on some aspects of prostitution.

Although the book as adult in genre, I can strongly say that it’s more than the sex. Adult genre is quite surprising one way or another.

The story does not end there as recently, I stumbled upon a #1 bestseller in New York Times– Fifty Shades Trilogy. It was during the holy week when Mo Twister and Angelicopter was exchanging tweets about this “controversial” book. And since Mo Twister was giving away free eBooks, I asked for a copy. And since I was not in a reading mood for over some time now, I did not jump into the book right away. It took me weeks to finally read it, again without knowing the theme or genre of the book.

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Fifty Shades Trilogy

I thought the book somehow talks about racism given that the first book is Fifty Shades of Grey. Thinking of grey, I was thinking of colors equivalent to races. But then again, history repeats itself. Somewhere in the middle chapters a conversation of Christian and Ana after signing the NDA threw me back to my chair:

Ana: So you’re gonna make love to me in your bed?

Christian: No. I don’t make love Ana. I fuck. HARD.

See? But now that I am an adult, I enjoyed the remainder of the book waiting for the kinky fuckery of the two protagonists that makes my pants a little tighter. It is what keeps me motivated to finish the book. That is what fuels me to finish a book written in a woman’s perspective– the sex. That was book one.

When I transitioned to book two, Fifty Shades Darker, my opinion about the series changed, again it’s more than just the sex. For me, it was more psychological given that the child is the father to the man. It was everything in Christian’s childhood that made him who he is. (Okay, enough of the spoiling.) I finished this book the fastest and by a wide margin, my favorite of the trilogy.

Fifty Shades Freed is somewhat a conclusion to the story of Christian and Ana with a little complication here and there. This book is the longest and I would even hope it’s longer. You just can’t get enough of the adventures of Christian and Ana. And the best part is the bonus chapter, Christian’s POV.  In that way, I can re-read the book with a more relate-able thinking.

Adult genre never fails to amuse me. I’m actually redefining my definition of adult genre: it is not just sex. I can’t really describe how I view the genre but I know I understand what it really is. Let’s read more of the adult genre, lol. Or maybe that’s because I am already an adult and it is this time when I’m supposed to appreciate what it really is.

Laters, baby!