240 OJT hours

Let the credits roll!

Hooray! I have finally finished my 240 hours of internship. And all those hours were very much amazing and New York-centric. I was very much overwhelmed and grateful to be a Project Leader for a New York based project. Although it was mostly medical, which I’m not I still manned up and grew some balls to take on the challenge. I had no regrets in taking the project though I had moments of struggle just to understand the nature of the project.

I was truly fortunate to be an intern at Greater Heights, where the bosses are as cool as friends and the working environment is welcoming. And also, I got to experience working overnight in the office, feeling the pressure of an online demo with lots of complications like power outage and internet connection problems. Yes, I had lots of first in this one-of-a-kind experience.

Now that my 240 hours of internship has ended and I’m turning into another section of my life, I will still be reminded of these experiences because I was given the chance to stay in the company. And I am very much willing to stay because I have the feeling that this *might* be the ticket I’m looking for to get to my dreams~ NEW YORK!

So I’m leaving this video “Empire State of Mind”, a song that greatly talks about New York and it’s wonders to boost, hype and fuel my senses as I take a leap forward to my dreams.


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