Bed Bugs

Its 2:30 in the morning. I’m supposedly sound asleep by now as I have a 7:30am class later today. And btw, I just got home from work. And by this time I should have been dozing off but some things are bugging me– the reason I’m creating this post to shut off my brain and let me doze to sleep. And while our wifi is down, I’m creating this draft for me to edit and publish later. Ok, so here I go:

SP. Yes! It’s my course’s equivalent to undergraduate thesis. And I have been undergoing a massive brainstorming for a topic. I have recently thought of a new idea, which I have not consulted with my adviser yet. And hopefully it gets approved since it’s quite interesting in my opinion.
STS. Ugh, I know my body’s gonna catch up on this stolen sleep time on this subject’s schedule (the most interesting and very much worth listening). And may I remind you that I am very much fluent in sarcasm. And why is it that this subject is strategically scheduled on a typical siesta time? Ugh, my gully!
Machine Problem. I’m not much bugged about this as I know I can find a way for this, but hey! It just suddenly popped into mind.
Programming Varsity. Yeah, I just got myself into a geeky, nerdy, call-it-whatever-you-want team of brilliant and machine thinking varsity team. I know I’ve gotta catch up on my solving skills as Google can’t help me on this one.
Work. Yeah, I basically got layed off, but not terminated. but the way I see it, we’re off the team. I’m bittersweet about it, but more on the sweet. I’ll miss the challenge of the semi-managerial position but hooray to ridding the pressure it brings. I’m genuinely fine with the new terms our boss has presented us.
Android Tablet. I’ve been planning to buy one this coming August. But after being layed off demoted, I think it would be delayed.

There! I hope my thoughts are all out. I hope can sleep now.  I still have to wake up at 5:30am, the latest if I dont wanna  be tardy in class AGAIN!

//final edits and revisions at 6:22am. And yes I was able to sleep after this, woke up on time and posted this via Intersect (my droid)


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