Just when everything is falling into place…

I now feel so barren and empty inside. Something is missing, I know. I have found my niche and I’m still adjusting. I can understand the decision you made, but you don’t have to sugar coat it. I know we’re over, plain and simple. Don’t give me the time and space crap.
Yeah, we’re not a match for very obvious reasons. You got intimidated, and I’m sorry if I am busy being a student and an employee and I can’t spend time with you anymore.
You doing this to me is so untimely, really. Of all people, I thought you’d understand. I was really wrong.
Funny how a quick nap made me realize what you really meant. I was such a fool for believing we had a future ahead of us.
At least you made me realize that my New York dream is very important. And you’re very far from that dream, you’re just temporary!
You know, as they say.. the brain seeks closure. this is my closure. we’re done! Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.
This also proves one more thing.. I CAN’T DO HEARTS AND FLOWERS.

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