Of Love and Fear

A Machiavellian would say, it is better to be feared than to be loved. But where do you define the bounds of love and fear?
I have always considered myself a Machiavellian, and I enjoy being feared than loved.
And by love, I don’t mean the romanticistic love. I mean love in it’s general form– love for your family and friends.
How far would you go to be loved? To be feared? One simple action can change what someone feels for the other.
I have always considered emotion the flavor of actions. With an intensity of a certain emotion could alter your action’s intentions.
As a parent, you would obviously want to be loved. But I have heard from some people that they fear their parents more than they love them. I would have to leave my parents out of this as, ahh never mind.
As a friend, you would as well want to be loved. And someone like me with anti-socialistic behaviors, I count my friends with my fingers.
So someone tell me now, where do you define the borders of fear and love.

I lost my coherence and consistency in this post because right now I’m somewhere I don’t wanna be. Which sucks big time, btw.

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Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

F*ck you!
And how did the university hire you again? You’re incapable of teaching, please note that. Reading an illegally obtained ebook in front of your class and defining and writing down words on the board that are direct quotations from the book does not make you a teacher. If that’s your style (which I don’t accept as a style), then you fail at teaching BIG TIME.
You know what sucks, I can’t drop this damn course because (aside from my very supportive pop) the next time I’ll take the course, you’re still gonna be the freaking teacher. That’s why this poorly maintained university is losing its quality, hiring only a few teachers who are not that at least good.
If you say you are a great practitioner, then why the hell be in the academe! You’re making students lives the worst hell. Wait, worst hell is an understatement.
Oh yeah, giving us not-so-original homeworks gets you not-so-original answers. And you’re saying you’ll be objective in grading us this time, wait– THIS TIME, still is not objective.
And as a person, you’re not a good communicator, you have a dull humor, you’re insensitive, you’re a big, yes big, bastard who does not know when to shut up.
Gaaaaaaaaahh! This is the second time I have screamed my lungs out on a pillow, because I know we all are you’re bitches this entire semester and I can’t even do something about it because the people your other bitches are too busy kissing your ass, and the people I’m supposed to complain to are zombies.
If I’m gonna be your bitch this whole time, let me be the whiny, rebellious, student who’s gonna come back and stab you countless of times.

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