How does a person cope with death? Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Depression. Acceptance.

I don’t know if those stages apply to me, but I am still in shock. I don’t know how to react, I don’t know how to behave. People around me have shed their share of tears. I haven’t. To think, we are really close cousins. We grew up together, played when we were younger, got drunk when we were older. I thought we could have grown older as adults and still close to each other.

Let this be my virtual shedding of tears. WE WILL MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH, Ate Cath. So much. You could’ve waited for us to visit you. But I know you kept it strong. You were strong enough to still goof around Facebook in your last days with us. What saddens me most is that I did not check up on you and you’re just two houses away from me.

September 1. Street Party. That is the last memory I have of you. We partied and danced and drink until you were too drunk to have another round. You went home ahead. I never knew that my “Bye Te Cat” would really be my last goodbye. I promise, in your behalf that we, your cousins will hang around this sem break and go hit the beaches, for you. That’s a promise.

You’re still sooooo young and you had a great life ahead of you. But wherever you are, I hope you are in a peaceful and happy place. Right now, I’m browsing through your Facebook timeline, still in shock that we will never see you in your smile and giggle that keeps your “agaws” together. I’m having goosebumps every time I attempt to start this tarpaulin I’m dedicating for you.

I’ll miss the annual barrio fiesta disco that we do, I’ll miss the Balut nights that we have, I’ll miss the laags and the chillouts and the inom sessions that we occasionally have.



Just throwing it out there.

In a few hours from now, this post could be my one-way ticket to jail.  And will NEVER back down. I will be a criminal. I am a renegade. In lieu of this crazy shit happening in my country, I will be scheduling this post to be published later at midnight. Yeah, that’s badass already.

I am so infuriated right now, I cannot displace all this anger I have, I can’t even organize my thoughts well. Ugh, to start off I know that torrent-downloading is a covered in this CyberCrime Law thing, which sets me off like wildfire. I mean, come on. That would make me a big bad crime lord.

I have my rights, and I’m keeping them. I’m not taking down my profile picture and change it to black. What’s mine is mine. There’s no turning back. I will fight back. I live by my rules. Screw the lawmakers. Oh wait, I have something special for you guys…



My teacher’s strong points are…


If notifying your students that you would not hold classes on that day at 6am on a Facebook page is something positive then so be it. Are you really assuming that everyone is supposed to check their Facebook accounts every time we go to school for your subject? And if I get a peso for every humorous thing you say and a dollar for a humiliation you do to a student, then I’d be a million dollar person.

Yeah we get it, you’re a great practitioner, you know a lot, you’re a CEO but you’re not a good teacher. Sorry. I’m not sorry.

My teacher’s weak points are…


  1. You don’t make good exams; you’re just copying from the book which is evident by the formatting of the question docs you are sending us for exams. And you really expect students to be creative and original enough to answer your questions when in fact you’re not as original as you think you are. And P.S. we cannot vary answers for objective type of questions when you accuse us of copying from each other. Smartass!
  2. When a student of yours asks if a class will be held that day, don’t wonder why. You’re always absent from class. So where are our tuition fees for your 3 units of class going? You know, I was reminded of a quote of another bad teacher I had back then: ‘Why teach it, when you can google it?’ You must be siblings!
  3. When you say you’re going to have a class on a specific day, MEAN it! Let me remind you that you have students who travel every day, back and forth Carcar, Danao, Mandaue, Lapulapu, etc. Lately, we have no more classes for other subjects and for that day all we have is your precious subject. Ugh, we’re wasting our money and time and efforts.
  4. Do you have a passion for teaching? I mean really? As I see it, you’re better at humiliating students in class. Did you know that someone got offended by a snark comment you made about an incident in his/her OJT? Another one even decided to skip your next meeting because you insulted him/her as the reporter?

Recommendations for improvement…

Give both of us a favour. Go home to your wife, enjoy your vacation and eat your fruit loops while we eat our salmons. You’re better off a practitioner, not a teacher.

Reflection:  How many times have you attended class? How many times have you NOT attended class? How many questions in our exams did you create yourself? How many exams did you correct OBJECTIVELY and RIGHTFULLY?

But again, THANK YOU for everything. For all this.