Just throwing it out there.

In a few hours from now, this post could be my one-way ticket to jail.  And will NEVER back down. I will be a criminal. I am a renegade. In lieu of this crazy shit happening in my country, I will be scheduling this post to be published later at midnight. Yeah, that’s badass already.

I am so infuriated right now, I cannot displace all this anger I have, I can’t even organize my thoughts well. Ugh, to start off I know that torrent-downloading is a covered in this CyberCrime Law thing, which sets me off like wildfire. I mean, come on. That would make me a big bad crime lord.

I have my rights, and I’m keeping them. I’m not taking down my profile picture and change it to black. What’s mine is mine. There’s no turning back. I will fight back. I live by my rules. Screw the lawmakers. Oh wait, I have something special for you guys…



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