Campfire Stories and Smores

It has been a habit of mine to just vent out all the mess that’s inside this quirky brain of mine through tweets or through this blog. And I am already passed the age where I utilize 140 characters to express what I am meaning to say. And while I still use Twitter to express my thoughts, a blog is more comprehensive and more fun. The word plays and the figures of speech and their harmonious jumble in a blog post fascinates me. The problem is, I can’t organize my thoughts well.

Enter the picture– Cebu Blog Camp 3! Just what I needed at a time like this. Plus, I heard from a friend that it is so much fun! I did not ask for more details on how his last camp when because the element of surprise will be spoiled. I have never joined Cebu Blog Camp since it was established, but for sure this year is mine top conquer!

Well what am I expecting?

  1. Blabbers. Wait, FUN blabbering. Uhh, I would love to have lectures that will help me in organizing and unifying all my thoughts and being able to pack it in one epic post. Yeah, because I plan to make every post in my blog epic to make the whole thing epic. Epic.
  2. Campfire Stories. What is a camp without campfire stories? It would be an awful lot of fun to mingle with other bloggers and exchange wonderful stories, not just about their blogs but also about them. Hey, it’s a nice avenue to expand your circle and your network.
  3. Smores. I love smores. A camp will never be the same without smores. It’s a classic. So I sure hope that we will be treated to a variant of smores, given that Pastilan is one of sponsors. Hey there!
  4. Momentum. For sure, after this very productive camp, I will definitely get the momentum I’ve badly needed to blog like a machine gun with precision. I have always these thoughts all crammed up in my mind but can’t seem to express it in a post.
  5. Bragging Rights. By now, my shallowness would have been obvious already, but I THINK it works for me. LOL. It will be a big thing that I will be proud of, to my friends and other bloggers, that I have joined such an amazing (no a**-kissing, srsly) initiative to help and unite bloggers in Cebu. Plus, I get to share my senseless blog to others. HA HA HA.

Well, I think that’s enough to get the giddy excitement of my brains and chest. And wait, this camp is indoors right? Yeah, indoors! And it’s for FREE! Indeed, the best things in this world are for free. And we have these sponsors to take. (nice segue. high five!)





Cebu Budget Hotel                         






Thanks a lot sponsors, for being very generous and helping struggling bloggers help themselves!



It just might be a gift that I can easily associate people’s names with their faces. I can remember complete names or at least their Facebook names. We may have not been introduced properly but I know people from afar, which makes me look like a big stalker. I’m not a stalker, okay?

I am not writing this to judge people and their names, because to be honest I may have the weirdest and crappiest name ever. Yeah, I get the uniqueness factor but I have been past trough it. Cleffrem sounds like a retarded seal’s (is that politically correct? if not, i don’t mean to offend) name. And don’t get me started with my last name.

It seems like I’m just mocking myself. Weird huh?

But my point exactly is, some people just don’t deserve their last names. Other people would have better names if they’d just simply replace their last names with something that would let people know what they really are. Ashwhole would be good for *****, Notcrack’s best for ***, Showoff will be for *******.

Just like that,I will now go down as one of the worst people to live in this planet, but I know for a fact that everyone gets a big sigh of relief when they just give customized surnames for people who  just gets into their nerves. I know it’s wrong but it helps me make it through the day.

And lastly, my virtual lastname SAVAGE just suits me enough.

The Road Not Taken

It is exactly at these times when I am having my “what could have been” thoughts. Just in time for the nearing graduation, which I badly hope that I could be part of. I’m not exaggerating, but I really am having my doubts. I don’t know what, but the uncertainty is just there shadowing my every move in my hopefully last semester in college.

What could have happened if I did not take Computer Science? What if I shifted or transferred schools? What if I quit school? Particular situations where I couldn’t even give myself contentment with a simple answer.

What could have been? It is something that I could not resort to making a fic out of it just to answer this dilemma. Plus, I suck at making fics because I really go outside the box. And the farther it gets from reality, the more it makes no sense. And I think, it is for the better– so I could not have my regrets.

While I am having these doubts and “could have been” thoughts, I am thankful for all the things that I have now. No regrets so far. I will just let my alternate versions of myself in other parallel universes enjoy the consequences on the crossroads I had in the past. (Just enough proof to show I am a sci-fi geek)

While this blog post is blant and vague, I hope Clark-ternate is doing the opposite.

Thanksgiving State of Mind

I live in the Philippines. And we don’t celebrate a national holiday called Thanksgiving. We don’t have falling leaves or the start of snow fall to match our roasted turkey dinners with our families. But being a deviant and a renegade, I celebrate Thanksgiving in my own little ways. Because Thanksgiving is just  a state of mind. And also, this post is not that obligatory at all. I am in the best mood to post something that does not showcase the dark cloud that has found it’s niche above my head.

The year 2012 (is the last. –hopefully the Mayan calendar is true, for some dark reasons), has been pretty much a high for me. It is this year when I always look at the half-empty, half-full glass as completely full. Of course, technically there’s air on the “empty” regions of the container. This only means that you just have to look at the bigger picture, and make the dark side a bright one. (The last statement is such a contradiction to the mood that I have built up in this blog). But to get this over with, I want to express what I’m really thankful for this year.

First, I am thankful for my friends and foes. But more to my friends. Last year, I celebrated my Thanksgiving dinner alone with a roast turkey and mashed potatoes. Yep, ALONE. I was thankful for myself for keeping it together and being awesome no matter what. This year is no different (turkey breakfast though :P). But being awesome is magnified when you are around your deserving friends. I’m sooooo thankful to have met these people (you know who you all are, you can identify yourselves) and have been around them. Thank you for (insert everything that you want to hear from me here). But for the adventures and mishaps mostly. I’m still not good at the drama department and you all know that, but at least I’m trying. And of course, FOES! Without all of you, how could I ever appreciate a good life if I don’t see your miseries. Just stay miserable, horrible and terrible all at once, and we’re good!

I am also thankful for this academic year (blehk), and that this will hopefully be my last semester. I’m thankful that I was able to pull through an era of war and plague last semester. So thankful and humbled by the grades that I got. Indeed, you reap what you sow.

I’m of course, thankful for the family (not everyone, duh) who’s been there to support (some) of my endeavors. And being proud of who I have grown to, and even to the simplest little things (like being in the local paper). Ugh. But thanks!

And spotlight… I am thankful for myself for always keeping it classy (for most of the time) in moist situations (hahaha) and being positive on all the things that’s about to come (puns intended, lol). Buddy, always keep the dream. New York will be ours, and our Thanksgiving will not just be something that we make for ourselves just to satisfy our emptiness inside. Also remember that you had your epiphany moment today! (wink wink).

And while my gratifaction (grateful satisfaction, now I hereby give my cool stamp to this new word) level is over the top already, always remember that Thanksgiving is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter where you are and what your dinner is, be thankful for what you have and what you are about to have. Remember, STATE OF MIND.

Of All The Things I Hate

I you happen to see me wandering on the streets or somewhere else, you might notice that dark cloud of hate hovering above my head. Yes, I cannot avoid hating on a lot of things on different levels. Hate is such as a strong word I know, but things are just not the way they are supposed to be. If I would get a penny for a thing that I would hate, then consider me the owner of the world. That much of hate.

To start of, I hate this keyboard I am using now. It’s soo hard to type out words that have the letter r, u, i, the number  and my freaking SPACEBAR. I even sticked a gum under my spacebar for it to function well. Genius. What am I using, a typewriter? Do I really have to press harder on these keys so that they print out on my screen? And imagine how I have managed to even make this blog post. Urgh!

Let me just run through 3 of the things that completely irks me to the absolute level where I would rather hang myself.

1. Christmas decors  and music during the early “ber” months.

September 1. I got three greetings through text saying “Merry Christmas”. Dude, are you stupid or something? If you give me the same greeting on the actual Christmas itself, I will hunt you down and use your guts as Christmas ornaments.

You just don’t put up Christmas ornaments as early as September. Uhm, Earth to you, there’s still Halloween and Thanksgiving. Big no-no.

And there’s this thing about Christmas songs. They’re too jolly and positive and creepy and annoying and makes me sick. Headphones are invented for you to listen to your music ALONE. Don’t drag me into your pile of mess.

Call me a grinch or something, but is just the way I feel about Christmas.

2. The teacher’s pet and the attention seeker

There’s a fine line between hardworking and ass-kisser. Pardon for the language, but you should have known that I’m profane as can be. While this part maybe too particular to two people, it is in fact a generalization of those people. Those kinds of people are those that would make you regret even breathing. But come on, you deserve the world better than they do, so don’t feel bad.

Teacher’s pet. What about a someone who always has this mentality that she doesn’t know anything but all her Facebook updates show that she’s currently or obsessing on a program at the moment. And she gets into a class acting all surprised but knows everything when around a bunch of her “friends”. Well thank goodness, we’re not Facebook friends. Uh miss, your smartness will go to waste if you’re such a fool.

Attention seeker. I don’t even know how to start with you. All I know is the city is overcrowded by one person. So why don’t you do the honors and do everyone a favor. Dude, you’re taking up space that’s not eco-friendly! I wouldn’t take about you much because you’re using up my ATP, and that’s a bad thing. When will you realize that all you bring nothing. My advise, two things: GUN & INITIATIVE.

I may or may not be cyber-bullying you right now but it’s my opinions and I have my say. I’m the mean one, so be it. People like you, and I know there are than just the both of you out there, don’t have a room in MY perfect world.

3. Hash tags on Facebook

While I genuinely forgive the hash tags that are due to the linking of their Twitter and Instagram accounts, hash tags that are attached in Facebook statuses are a major killer. Dude, what the hell? Just get out Facebook because your English is terrible. Making use of the hash tag to say what you mean in one word or a baroque phrase is not acceptable in the English language. Better yet, use your native tongue. Just please don’t use hash tags on Facebook. UNFORGIVABLE.

Yeah, bitter I know.

My friends know me as the person who always hates something around me and the list is quite long really. From petty little things to obnoxious big ones, I still know that my hate is just MY hate. It’s nothing personal. Or not. I don’t care really. So go ahead hate on me, hater, now or later!