Of All The Things I Hate

I you happen to see me wandering on the streets or somewhere else, you might notice that dark cloud of hate hovering above my head. Yes, I cannot avoid hating on a lot of things on different levels. Hate is such as a strong word I know, but things are just not the way they are supposed to be. If I would get a penny for a thing that I would hate, then consider me the owner of the world. That much of hate.

To start of, I hate this keyboard I am using now. It’s soo hard to type out words that have the letter r, u, i, the number  and my freaking SPACEBAR. I even sticked a gum under my spacebar for it to function well. Genius. What am I using, a typewriter? Do I really have to press harder on these keys so that they print out on my screen? And imagine how I have managed to even make this blog post. Urgh!

Let me just run through 3 of the things that completely irks me to the absolute level where I would rather hang myself.

1. Christmas decors  and music during the early “ber” months.

September 1. I got three greetings through text saying “Merry Christmas”. Dude, are you stupid or something? If you give me the same greeting on the actual Christmas itself, I will hunt you down and use your guts as Christmas ornaments.

You just don’t put up Christmas ornaments as early as September. Uhm, Earth to you, there’s still Halloween and Thanksgiving. Big no-no.

And there’s this thing about Christmas songs. They’re too jolly and positive and creepy and annoying and makes me sick. Headphones are invented for you to listen to your music ALONE. Don’t drag me into your pile of mess.

Call me a grinch or something, but is just the way I feel about Christmas.

2. The teacher’s pet and the attention seeker

There’s a fine line between hardworking and ass-kisser. Pardon for the language, but you should have known that I’m profane as can be. While this part maybe too particular to two people, it is in fact a generalization of those people. Those kinds of people are those that would make you regret even breathing. But come on, you deserve the world better than they do, so don’t feel bad.

Teacher’s pet. What about a someone who always has this mentality that she doesn’t know anything but all her Facebook updates show that she’s currently or obsessing on a program at the moment. And she gets into a class acting all surprised but knows everything when around a bunch of her “friends”. Well thank goodness, we’re not Facebook friends. Uh miss, your smartness will go to waste if you’re such a fool.

Attention seeker. I don’t even know how to start with you. All I know is the city is overcrowded by one person. So why don’t you do the honors and do everyone a favor. Dude, you’re taking up space that’s not eco-friendly! I wouldn’t take about you much because you’re using up my ATP, and that’s a bad thing. When will you realize that all you bring nothing. My advise, two things: GUN & INITIATIVE.

I may or may not be cyber-bullying you right now but it’s my opinions and I have my say. I’m the mean one, so be it. People like you, and I know there are than just the both of you out there, don’t have a room in MY perfect world.

3. Hash tags on Facebook

While I genuinely forgive the hash tags that are due to the linking of their Twitter and Instagram accounts, hash tags that are attached in Facebook statuses are a major killer. Dude, what the hell? Just get out Facebook because your English is terrible. Making use of the hash tag to say what you mean in one word or a baroque phrase is not acceptable in the English language. Better yet, use your native tongue. Just please don’t use hash tags on Facebook. UNFORGIVABLE.

Yeah, bitter I know.

My friends know me as the person who always hates something around me and the list is quite long really. From petty little things to obnoxious big ones, I still know that my hate is just MY hate. It’s nothing personal. Or not. I don’t care really. So go ahead hate on me, hater, now or later!


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