The Road Not Taken

It is exactly at these times when I am having my “what could have been” thoughts. Just in time for the nearing graduation, which I badly hope that I could be part of. I’m not exaggerating, but I really am having my doubts. I don’t know what, but the uncertainty is just there shadowing my every move in my hopefully last semester in college.

What could have happened if I did not take Computer Science? What if I shifted or transferred schools? What if I quit school? Particular situations where I couldn’t even give myself contentment with a simple answer.

What could have been? It is something that I could not resort to making a fic out of it just to answer this dilemma. Plus, I suck at making fics because I really go outside the box. And the farther it gets from reality, the more it makes no sense. And I think, it is for the better– so I could not have my regrets.

While I am having these doubts and “could have been” thoughts, I am thankful for all the things that I have now. No regrets so far. I will just let my alternate versions of myself in other parallel universes enjoy the consequences on the crossroads I had in the past. (Just enough proof to show I am a sci-fi geek)

While this blog post is blant and vague, I hope Clark-ternate is doing the opposite.


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