It just might be a gift that I can easily associate people’s names with their faces. I can remember complete names or at least their Facebook names. We may have not been introduced properly but I know people from afar, which makes me look like a big stalker. I’m not a stalker, okay?

I am not writing this to judge people and their names, because to be honest I may have the weirdest and crappiest name ever. Yeah, I get the uniqueness factor but I have been past trough it. Cleffrem sounds like a retarded seal’s (is that politically correct? if not, i don’t mean to offend) name. And don’t get me started with my last name.

It seems like I’m just mocking myself. Weird huh?

But my point exactly is, some people just don’t deserve their last names. Other people would have better names if they’d just simply replace their last names with something that would let people know what they really are. Ashwhole would be good for *****, Notcrack’s best for ***, Showoff will be for *******.

Just like that,I will now go down as one of the worst people to live in this planet, but I know for a fact that everyone gets a big sigh of relief when they just give customized surnames for people who  just gets into their nerves. I know it’s wrong but it helps me make it through the day.

And lastly, my virtual lastname SAVAGE just suits me enough.


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