Campfire Stories and Smores

It has been a habit of mine to just vent out all the mess that’s inside this quirky brain of mine through tweets or through this blog. And I am already passed the age where I utilize 140 characters to express what I am meaning to say. And while I still use Twitter to express my thoughts, a blog is more comprehensive and more fun. The word plays and the figures of speech and their harmonious jumble in a blog post fascinates me. The problem is, I can’t organize my thoughts well.

Enter the picture– Cebu Blog Camp 3! Just what I needed at a time like this. Plus, I heard from a friend that it is so much fun! I did not ask for more details on how his last camp when because the element of surprise will be spoiled. I have never joined Cebu Blog Camp since it was established, but for sure this year is mine top conquer!

Well what am I expecting?

  1. Blabbers. Wait, FUN blabbering. Uhh, I would love to have lectures that will help me in organizing and unifying all my thoughts and being able to pack it in one epic post. Yeah, because I plan to make every post in my blog epic to make the whole thing epic. Epic.
  2. Campfire Stories. What is a camp without campfire stories? It would be an awful lot of fun to mingle with other bloggers and exchange wonderful stories, not just about their blogs but also about them. Hey, it’s a nice avenue to expand your circle and your network.
  3. Smores. I love smores. A camp will never be the same without smores. It’s a classic. So I sure hope that we will be treated to a variant of smores, given that Pastilan is one of sponsors. Hey there!
  4. Momentum. For sure, after this very productive camp, I will definitely get the momentum I’ve badly needed to blog like a machine gun with precision. I have always these thoughts all crammed up in my mind but can’t seem to express it in a post.
  5. Bragging Rights. By now, my shallowness would have been obvious already, but I THINK it works for me. LOL. It will be a big thing that I will be proud of, to my friends and other bloggers, that I have joined such an amazing (no a**-kissing, srsly) initiative to help and unite bloggers in Cebu. Plus, I get to share my senseless blog to others. HA HA HA.

Well, I think that’s enough to get the giddy excitement of my brains and chest. And wait, this camp is indoors right? Yeah, indoors! And it’s for FREE! Indeed, the best things in this world are for free. And we have these sponsors to take. (nice segue. high five!)





Cebu Budget Hotel                         






Thanks a lot sponsors, for being very generous and helping struggling bloggers help themselves!


2 thoughts on “Campfire Stories and Smores

  1. I don’t believe you. 🙂
    And you say you can’t organize your thoughts well. What do you call this post then? Impressed with your use of words. It actually made me think that I should refrain from using the typical “slangish” conversation, especially in writing a blog – whether it is a good thing or not.

    😀 I had fun reading this. Keep it up! tehee~

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