2012: The Year That Is, Was and Will Be


I was supposed to create a very comprehensive year-ender blog post, but to no avail, I can’t seem to make out the entirety of the year that’s about to close in. Maybe because I was not sober the whole year, just kidding. Maybe I’m just not really attentive with details of the past, I can’t recollect it properly. Or maybe it’s just because it was not really a memorable or a stand out year after all. I hope it isn’t the latter because I really don’t know why.

To be fairly honest, there is nothing big about a transition from a year to another. So why the hell would I sum up the year that was when in fact it is just a year that’s passing by? Maybe because a new year defines the beginning of a new set of mistakes, and hell I should be learning from the mistakes that I did this year?

So how was my 2012 like?

January. The only standout memory I could make from this month was the Sinulog Celebration. I was like a freakin’ animal released into the wild. From 3am of Saturday to 2am of Monday, I was out there enjoying the festivities. Oh, it was a great January! I hope I get to do an awful more fun on the next Sinulog.


Hey, it’s the old blog banner!

February. Hm, birthday? Meh, I’m never the birthday person. I don;t make a big deal out of it and I intend to keep it that way. But February is for the College Prom, my first prom ever. The theme was Oscars night, but to be honest, the theme really did not matter to me because whatever it would have been, I would still have gone as Superman. Just because.


It’s a bird!

March. It was a pretty much a haggard month, thanks to a very meticulous professor, Ms. Pauline Wade. I did not hate her because she was too demanding, in fact I learned a looot from her. And if given another chance to enroll in her class, I would do so. Just not during 4th year because I’m doing(?) my thesis.

April. I got an internship from Greater Heights. Yes, the first weeks were fun. Learned a couple of stuff, felt what it was to work on a company, being demanded by a handful of jobs with tight deadlines by your boss, blah blah blah. It was fun, but the fun lasted not for long. It went from light and fun to horrible and crazy in just a few weeks. But I just kept everything to myself because if I ranted about it back then, I would have been toast. Also, I started this blog on this month. So here’s a shoutout to the first post I made in this blog.

May. The internship continues and the mask-wearing has been a stretch. Not only were we, the interns not given a compensation package by the company, they also demanded work to be brought home because they are a few people short. Every time I log in to the biometrics of the office door, I put on that phony smile to show that I’m still enjoying the job, but HAHAHAHAHAHA.

June. So my 4th academic year in college has begun. June was a bit of a drag. Meh.

July. We got “fired” from the job we got after being absorbed in the company that we had our internship. It was bittersweet. I don’t wanna talk about it. I learned a lot from that experience, but it really is not worth recalling.

From the first payday!

From the first payday!

August. Officially a registered voter! Then all the adventures and mishaps with friends went consecutive. It was as if almost every day was an opportunity for us to live the day like it’s our last one. Chilling in here, boozing in there, party somewhere, and get banned in a lot of places. No regrets at all.

Registered voter!

Registered voter!

September. I started to play MMORPG again. There were those sleepless nights just to get your character’s level up high. The adrenaline of playing RPG games is really different. But then I stopped because I have better priorities. Also, September marks the FALL TV SEASON. Ahh, nirvana! Lot’s of new shows and other returning shows. I will never get tired with this.



October. More adventures my wasted and moist friends. Late October, I will never forget the “Parkmall Incident”. HAHAHA, this by far tops my 2012. I’m not spilling the details because it would not be as golden as it is now if a lot of people knew about it.

November. I joined Cebu Blog Camp. And while it was not what I expected it to be, I got what I wanted from the experience. That is, to get the momentum of blogging more frequently. And I got to meet new and fun companies. Hello, Team Tendeng!

December. I realized I hated high school. I was sober only about half the month. I hated Christmas Parties. I got ready for the assumed “End of the World”. And the best of them all, the MCDV party (which again, I was not sober). HAHA

The hungover

The hungover

Just when I thought the year was just a year that will be buried in history. Turns out, there are a couple of things that stood out and are worth remembering and should be written in biography in case I become rich, famous and successful. I am thankful of the year that has been. I have learned from the mistakes that I have done this year. I will keep the memories worth keeping. After all, 2012 is not just a year that’s just passing by, which I thought was. Cheers, to the year that is, was and will be!


I’m still the curbside prophet with my hands in my pocket and I’m waiting for 2013 to come.


Drink ‘Til You Drop

I just sobered up and I’m already past my 7am curfew. These people are enjoying the low tide waters. The soothing calmness of the water current gives you that rush to just jump right in to the waters. I can’t. Because I came in unprepared for this overnight party. I’m missing the fun, yet again.

The greatest thing I got from high school are these awesome companions. And I could say that they’re still the same people who act so immature when we get together. For four years in a row, we’ve made it a tradition to have a Christmas Get-Together Party every 29th of December. This year was quite typical with regards to attendance. Only around half our batch showed up.

This year was by far, the greatest. We are clearly adults now. From the language we speak to the games we play and to the drinks we drink. Yep, this year’s theme was Drink ‘Til You Drop.

Last night was amazing! The only thing was, I was the first to be knocked down. Just because a darn movie bored me to sleep and I missed the next couple hours of fun. And again this morning when the group decided to have a dip in the waters. Blitz. Boo!

But no regrets. Our batch was proven and tested that throughout the years, we were closely knit to enjoy and suffer together come what may.

I just might be happy at the moment or again, the alcohol talking :))


I’m just a curbside prophet with my hands on my pocket and no, I don’t wanna go home yet.

The Oracle

To be fairly honest, i don’t really know what I will be doing after graduation. Not only graduating this semester is my dilemma, but everything that comes after is the bigger fish to fry.

So here I am, in a place I’m not really comfortable with, having my last sips of soda with a finished plate of Burger Stake, still frustrated with this mornings events.

I have never expected that the dreaded (by most people I know) Oracle™ can possibly screw up a good future that could have been ahead for me. To be honest, I do not blame myself for not knowing a couple of basics for this thing. I’m really frustrated on how I (or can I say we?) learned the fewest things in our Database class. Not only was the instructor bad at teaching, she also had bad pronunciation which is quite difficult to comprehend. Ugh! This is soooo frustrating.

Pretty much, that Systems Engineer Workshop was a major blow up, which wrapped up my morning in a haywire of emotions.

And at least, for now, I have at least half an hour to regroup myself and ace the interview.

Please mind, cooperate with the body.


I’m the curbside prophet, hands on my droid and waiting for the time to pass.

T’was the Night Before Christmas Eve

T’was the night before Christmas Eve. My uncle just dropped the bomb on me that I will be responsible for bringing the Holiday cheer on the Christmas Eve itself by being the program organizer and the emcee. (In a bored voice) What a great way to spend the Holidays. It’s been three years consecutive that I’ve been a grinch about Christmas. I don’t know the roots yet on why I’m such a mood killer for people who enjoy this specific holiday. It’s just that it’s fake and very commercialized. Well, that’s a different story. Ugh.

T’was the night before Christmas Eve and my fever was burning up. I was having a 40.7 C fever and it got worse. I had that 30 seconds flashback of my life that has been. It was crap. Just crap. Then it led to the conclusion that I was about to die. The fever may just be that horrible that I was having delusions of death. I was gonna die alone.

T’was the night before Christmas Eve yet I was high on meds. Pain-killers. I was having severe headaches to accompany my high fever.  The thought of being alone and sick showed me the future where I was alone in my pad in New York with no one to help me but me. I felt more ill. I will be alone in New York. How will I manage during the hard times?

T’was the night before Christmas Eve. The meds. The fever. The delusions. Then the heavy rain downpour. Then I was in a Survivor Island, still sick. How will I ever win Survivor if I get sick and can’t handle it well. I should be tougher than I am now. I’m stronger than this.

T’was the night before Christmas Eve and if I ever believed in karma, I think this was karma. But, fortunately I don’t believe in it. And yes, people and friends have been comparing me to The Grinch and Scrooge, but clearly what makes them different from me is at the end of the story, they understand and feel the “Christmas spirit”.

Today is Christmas Eve and I’ll be putting on the fake Christmas blah. Though I have to say that from the past two years, there’s always that last minute change of heart. Ugh, I hope not this year.


I’m the curbside prophet and don’t you dare play the Christmas trumpet!

Surviving the Apocalypse

So the Mayans were saying that today is the end of the world.It’s 1pm in my timezone and nothing has happened yet. Clearly, the Mayans were wrong. And I was not wrong, because apparently the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, will be on theaters next year and I have to see that movie.

How do we know that the rapture has begun? What kind of apocalypse is in store for us? Well, for me I’d like to believe that eventually Apocalypse will happen, but not now. It’s just fun to think that in the distant future, which I hope we can already transfer our consciousness to robots so we can live forever, the world we are living in will be nothing like it is now. So I have compiled types of apocalypse that would be very cool and badass if it happens. What’s more badass is if I become a survivor and live in the post-apocalyptic world.

With all the zombie apocalypse shows that’s on, I think almost everyone is ready when this happens. All it takes is one big blow to the undead’s head and they’re dead– for good. There are a couple more things one must know to survive this apocalypse. But I would not want to mention everything in here. If you want to prepare for this kind of apocalypse, go watch “The Walking Dead”. That one’s my favorites, but of course you can check out other movies that involve Zombie Apocalypses. Of all the apocalypses, I think this one is the most fun. Not only are you keeping yourself safe from these zombies, but also making sure that you fulfill your basic needs given the scarcity of resources.
Chances of Survival: 9/10

This kind of apocalypse is a little bit similar to a zombie apocalypse, but what makes this different is you don’t know what kind of virus is spread and you have no idea how to defeat those mutants. “I am Legend” should give you enough creeps with the idea that you are the last man on Earth. Rule number 1 for this apocalypse is “Don’t get infected and  die!”. There’s no escape in this kind of apocalypse. And to be really honest, I’m not ready for this. I will come in this apocalypse unprepared.
Chances of survival: 3/10

I don’t know where to begin with this kind of apocalypse. But one thing is for sure, most movies suggest that aliens that colonize the Earth are more powerful and advanced than we are. I’d like to believe aliens do exist, and I’d also like to believe that they would come in peace (which is a rare case). But if ever this apocalypse happens, I think my strategy would be to join them so I could destroy their colony from the inside. Of course I would need help from other resistance members. My guiding principles for survival will be based from TV shows like “V” and “Falling Skies”.
Chances of Survival: 7/10

It’s all gonna turn off! We live in an electric world, and what if everything suddenly turns off without a clear explanation why it happened. This one, all you need is survival instincts and practicality. I think I just *might* survive this apocalypse, but for sure I would eventually die because I have always been reliant of the technologies around me. Everytime I watch the trailer for “Revolution”, I feel like hyperventilating. It’s so difficult! Yes, I would survive this apocalypse long enough, but the thought of a world without electronics, everything that utilizes power including battery-operated devices (i.e. cars, phones and flashlights), is enough to kill my motivation to live.
Chances of Survival: 7/10

This one’s the one everyone is anticipating to happen today, but HAHAHAHA, shame. But if ever this really happens, there’s no way everyone is surviving, or at least a couple hundreds. And for sure, given that I live in a 3rd world country, I will not make it out alive. This is, yet again, another favorite apocalypse. When this apocalypse happens, I will just be sitting at home watching this movie for full 4D effects and also watch people show their selfishness saving themselves only ending in their tragic demise.
Chances of Survival: 1/10 (I would have written 0, but “while there is life, there is hope”)

I really have no idea how the world and the humankind would cease to exist but in my world of pure imagination, anything I want can happen. But the point is, no one really knows when the world would end, so you have to live everyday like it’s your last one. Make the most of it before you regret the things that you have NOT done will you had the time.


I’m the curbside prophet, with my hands in my pocket, fingers crossed that my rocket will come in time before the world begins to rapture.

The Last Day on Earth

(c) to the owner of the artwork

It is December 20, 2012  5:21 PM in my timezone, and the Mayan calendar suggests that the world will rapture a few hours from now. No one really knows what time around the 21st of December the apocalypse will begin. But one thing is for sure, tomorrow me and my friends will have an End of the World / 2012 Movie Film Viewing Party. That’s if time won’t end at exactly on the first second of the assumed end of the world.

So how do you really want to spend your last day on Earth? If you knew that the Mayan Apocalypse was true, how would this day be any different from your regular days? If it were me, I would not feel bad if the world would end tomorrow clearly because I’m dearly bugged by my thesis and my just-do-your-thing-because-I’ll-just-wait-for-you-to-finish thesis adviser makes me feel the pressure of NOT graduating on time. Phew! Deadlines here and there, that’s enough reason for me to hope for apocalypse to begin on cue. I’m not being selfish right here, because my classmates would want it to happen as well. That way, everyone would  die (I assume) and all our dreams, aspirations and even our worries and miseries would go along with our tragic death. Everything after the end of our generation wouldn’t matter anyways since we can’t do anything about it. Plus, our consciousness would be very dead by then. There’s nothing to be guilty for. Fair enough?

So how am I spending my assumed last day on Earth? Well, here I am creating this last blog post sipping on my last cup of coffee waiting for the disaster movie from 2009 depicting how the world would end tomorrow to finish downloading. Timely, huh? Well I made myself a promise that I would watch that movie on the date that they said is the beginning of the end.

But that is not how I would have spent my last day on Earth. A great TV show starring Matthew Perry inspired me how I would do it– LAUGH. CRY. THINK.

I haven’t done at least one of the three, at least for now. And I would not want to die tomorrow with me knowing I haven’t done what I intended to do on my last day. So here’s to hoping the Mayans were wrong. Do want you gotta do while we’re still alive and breathing.

And a word of advise– DON’T DIE A VIRGIN.


I’m still the curbside prophet with my hands on my pocket and anxiously waiting for that damn rocket to come!

What’s your name worth?


In lieu of the just recently concluded Survivor: Philippines, I would like to share this post I made December 20 of last year. This post was from my other blog, which I would not want to link here because I don’t have that much confidence on that old blog. This entry has a handful of references to the finale episode of Survivor: Nicaragua

Here we go…

Hell yea~, the first 5 minutes of the finale was intense and showed the remaining castaways in the light to why they should win and why they were there.

For me, this episode was more about (1) my personality coming off as very blunt and arrogant, to the point that people are intimidated by me, (2) what is my name worth, and lastly (3) a new blend of faith, and the current faith that I have.

Noticing from my previous posts, most people would most likely hate me at an instant. Many of my friends and even my relatives say I talk with arrogance. Yes, I would confirm that! But to me, that’s better than being seen as a weak individual, because I really am weak inside. This facade seems to be effective because it fends off possible personalities that might tear me down. Ozzy called Sophie a brat, but I can see where Sophie stands at this, and she even broke down. 

What’s your name worth?

Who would have thought that the infamous Rick would blow my mind so hard, the title of this post was a quote from him during the last tribal council. Reputation– it’s one of my kryptonites. I hate putting up a good name for yourself, and in an instant all that you have is a bad reputation. Why not have a bad reputation from the start, and when you do anything good, people would praise you, and doing something bad people would not seem to care. Brilliant isn’t it?

The blind faith game

Also, Ozzy finds his god in nature, it’s where he thinks god lives, and it fuels him to survive the harsh environment with ease.

This post seems to be pointless and out of nowhere, but who cares. It’s mine and it makes me feel good! 

So what makes reputation my weakness? It’s not MY reputation that I call my weakness, it’s my father’s. Ever since I was young, all I could hear from him was, “Do good, or what would other people say. I taught you right, learn to act correctly.”  It’s like being someone’s pet. He’s just in it for himself. But still, he’s my father. But oh well~

Moving on, and talking about R.E.M.’s famous song, all I made were funny faces every time Brandon talked about religion. As Ozzy said, “He’s playing the blind faith game. He thinks he’s playing with god, but he’s not. He’s playing with human beings who are greedy for that money.” I would not explain this further, but f*ck yeah!

Also, Ozzy finds his god in nature, it’s where he thinks god lives, and it fuels him to survive the harsh environment with ease.

This post seems to be pointless and out of nowhere, but who cares. It’s mine and it makes me feel good! 

P.S. I may or may have edited a few things in this entry because, meh, so icky and not me.

I’m just a curbside prophet and no money on my pocket so bring me back my rocket!

That Hellhole Called High School


So I have been out the whole day wasting my time and taking a stroll at memory lane on a highway to hell. That’s when I realized, just like most people, I HATE HIGH SCHOOL. Yes, it was fun, but turns out I never enjoyed it.

There are only two things you can do to enjoy high school: to fit in or stand out. Seemingly, I never fitted in. I never had a stable niche because I don’t know who I should surround myself with. So it left me with the choice of standing out. Yeah, I was an academic achiever but it was not enough for me to stand out. I was just an average of everything in high school, a jack of all trades. Back then, I thought it was enough for me to survive high school. Yes, I did survive, but the journey was bumpy and uncomfortable. I never enjoyed it. Just because I was a social outcast.

It took me this event in my high school today to realize what really happened in high school. I felt like I needed to throw up my guts because high school really was horrible. I never had a REAL friend back in high school. And I was really glad everything was reset after we graduated. That’s when I found some friends that were right the all along with me in the depths of hell. Clearly, I’m a bitter person and I hate most likely everything that looks or is happy. And I have high school to blame for that.

The “Fun Day” never had that fun vibe, IMO. To most people they had fun, I never did. Being back there with a new set of goals and perspective made me realize that high school will always be the place where issues don’t die down easily, things that are not important are a big deal to the general people, it felt like being jailed because there was limited freedom and only the ones who fit in or stood out are appreciated and welcome. The hallways are wide enough for you to feel so little of yourself. It made me feel less about myself.

And here I go again, going in a downward spiral turning into a black hole sucking every positive aura that surrounds me. Because I deserve happiness and no one is giving me the chance to enjoy what it really means. Life should be fair.

Well, it seems like I will be like this for the rest of my pathetic life– a bitter individual who looks like a whack job from the outside and a total mess on the inside. Clearly, no one is gonna help me pickup myself but me. And I feel so helpless I can’t even help myself. I’m more than 50 shades of fucked up. I’m the epitome of fucked up-ness. That is all mostly because of high school.


I’m just a curbside prophet with my hands on my pocket and please my rocket, come and pick me up already!

Triple the Fun. NOT.

Supposedly, this day is taglined “It’s Triple the Fun in STEC Fun Day”. Just set the ambiance up of what a FUN alumni day is on your mind. Now think of the opposite. That’s how fun it is right now. Imagine, I was able to get into blogging mode and found myself a spot in this old computer lab.

The teachers were expecting AT LEAST 50 people to come. Imagine alumni, and 50. Too few for a number, eh. But the turnout was underwhelming. Clearly a great way to spend a chillout Sunday Funday. And of course, I wouldn’t allow myself to be stuck in this haywire for the whole day. Do you hear what I hear? The air is hissing on my ears: “BAIL. BAIL. BAIL.”

You see, I’m not a day drinker because I just am not. But if anyone is offering me a one-way ticket out of here, wherever I may end up.. I would take that. Muhahahaha, and I feel so evil posting this on my blog with the possibility of the organizers reading this post and *might* do sour faces and hate me forever. HAHA, sorry I’m not sorry.

Actually, one friend is offering an escape plan, and I think it’s where I will find my Sunday fun. If that experience is blog-worthy, then that will be up soon enough. YEAH!

So yeah, this entry is just one big rant and shoutout to boredom in event that’s supposedly FUN.


I’m still the curbside prophet, hands tapping out beats and my rocket should be here any minute..