Screw the Cork

Before I begin, let me just point out that this post is a day or so overdue. I’ve been busy with all the shenanigans and the blahs. But because it really is worth blogging, here it is!

So we really were getting serious with this blogging thing– which leads us to the annual Cebu Blog Camp. It was “fun”. Let me just encapsulate everything I experienced in the camp in the word “fun”. And also, I won a looooot of freebies and also terribly amazing acquaintances. Shout out to Team Tendeng! Whooo!

But the day does not end there. Me and friends decided to go to a local (when I say local, something that’s just in our island– Lapu-Lapu) restobar, a tiki-house something, for some celebratory drinks and a little party mood. Funny thing is, we don’t know where it is located exactly. We just know what vehicle to ride.

What I love about my friends is that the element of uncertainty is something that you should be looking forward to. You just don’t know where you end up. You don’t have to expect anything. There are no plans. Spur-of-the-moment kinds of people. We live in the present.

So we stopped at the middle of nowhere. All we know is that the tiki-house is out there somewhere. We found a grill house, thought of having dinner in there. But just like an oasis in the dessert, there’s this Italian Pizza House (La Bella Napoli). We decided to dine there and ditch the tiki-house. We chose the place because it has inexpensive rates, good ambiance and it is near the beach. Fancy and classy enough? And that is exactly what we intended to do. Pizza and red wine! (Does that match?) It was a good attempt at being classy. We bought our own wine but had to pay a corkage fee at the restaurant. It had no cork to prove it was expensive and fancy. But the dinner we were about to have is fancier and more expensive that a corked wine.

notes on a napkin

notes on a napkin

We enjoyed dinner and talked some good stuff! The only thing that would complement any dinner is good talk. And for the record, that dinner was near memorable and fancy. Then the rest of the gang arrived and more great talks came about. Then karaoke followed. A few songs and we were good!

You don’t need to have corks to show that your flavor is rich and expensive. So screw the cork and create your own cork of experiences.


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