Just Like Broadway

So I was having quite the typical crappy, manic Monday. Really, really horrible morning. I just might compare it’s horrible intensity to the brewing superstorm, Pablo. And to be frankly honest, the so-so thing that could have lifted up my spirits just a few notch is our Rizal class. HAHAHA, trust me when I say that the Philippine’s national hero is a vampire. I have no proofs yet, but I will definitely prove that.

This school day was a drag. But that is something that I wouldn’t want to be blogging just about now. Hm, where do I begin really? Ah, yes! I was scheduled for a date that we rightfully won with Team Tendeng, the people I have bonded with over the course of the Cebu Blog Camp. We were waiting for some of our team members to arrive so we can go as a team (yeah, really). And while we were at it, me and the guys decided to push thru with our long overdue plan to play Kinect and try out the new songs. Who knew that warming up to XBOX would come in so handy later on. Yep, we were 3 members out because they have other priorities at hand. Good thing one of them was intending to catch up later on. The trip was hilarious enough for us to get a sitcom.

in photo (L-R): ER, Kim, Kirby, me, Danilo. photograph by: AlanMIA: Ella, Ivy, Carl

In photo (L-R): ER, Kim, Kirby, me, Danilo.
Photograph by: Alan
MIA: Ella, Ivy, Carl

After some travel hazards and a few struggles, we got to the venue. It was not as accessible as I thought it was. But traveling as a big group was fun enough for someone to feel the hassles. Lakwatsa Resto Lounge was somewhat hidden from common view as I did not know that such street is there somewhere in Mandaue. But not bad. The elevators we’re well, techy. And everyone knows that there’s something special about elevators– sexy, claustrophobic, mundane. But to us, it was an avenue for a chuckle-worthy of a photograph. Trivia: Lakwatsa was at the 5th floor of the building and we took the photograph on the 5th floor. We had to close it back for the full elevator feel. The elevator went back down and back up. Just for a photograph.


*smile* *click* *shutter* *ding* *elevator door opens* *laughter*

The people there were accommodating and hospitable. No complaints. Food was just above average. Barbecue was bland but the baby back ribs was delish! Must try. I should be posting some photos of the food we ate, but it is just too mainstream and it just sooo not me. So you’ll have to go check out the place to get what I mean. A part of our ticket says that “the show” starts at 8pm. Wait, what show? This should somehow entertain me. I’ve never seen a Broadway-like show. Please don’t disappoint me!

Heck, I was entertained. The show was called “Biyahe”. A show that travels the Philippines exploring and highlighting the best of the Filipino culture. I was fascinated with the lively performance of tinikling, and the sayaw sa bangko was something that I did not expect. The depiction of the underwater dance was extravagant. And the best part of their performance is the audience interaction. They brought people from the audience and taught them basic tinikling. It was a refresher of the dance I had back in high school. So much memories.

One, Two, Clap (repeat 'till you're tired)

One, Two, Clap (repeat ’till you’re tired)

Then we had this window of opportunity to get a pic with the outstanding beauty among the performers. Trust me when I say outstanding. Hey there Alan, buddy. HAHA. Still, I had my pic taken with her 😛

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit B.

The performers are really great. And I talked to one of them and told her it was just like Broadway. It was so overwhelming, at least to me, that I need not go to Brooklyn just to get a good show. But of course, that will always be in my bucket list. Funny how a “Broadway-quality show” is just somewhere in the city. Lakwatsa has this great gimmick for attracting not just the locals but also tourists from different places. It IS a must watch!

So we had our photos taken with the 10G Troupers, the performers, taken right after their show. They deserve a slow clap for their commendable and good vibes performance. Indeed, Team Tandang bonded well and good with this experience. No kiss a*sing intended, but I’m really thankful for Cebu Blog Camp for making this happen.

I'm beside Lakwatsa Girl :>

I’m beside Lakwatsa Girl :>

More fun in the... (no, i'm not joining the bandwagon)

More fun in the… (no, i’m not joining the bandwagon)

Goodtimes! There’s definitely a round two for Team Tendeng. It was so much fun, we should do it again. Just being snarky right here– THE BILLBOARD.

And who knew that Monday’s don’t necessarily have to suck. And to top it all off, I had a very fun one. Just like Broadway.


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