Wink and a Smile

There is always injustice wherever side of the world your on. And right now, I’m in on one of those situations where you can’t do anything about it. But heck, I don’t really care now because it won’t matter when people will write my biography when I’m rich and famous. I mean, it’s just a petty thing for me to obsess on. Still, I call BS on that crap.

So how do I really get over it? I just give that phony wink and a smile. That would work. At least in this situation. Or in most cases that I know. Just make sure that the wink and the smile looks genuine enough to the people looking at you but fake enough to convince yourself it is not real.

If you ever get stuck in a situation similar to this, just remember to inhale, focus, vent it out and scream all the curse words you know mentally, exhale and execute this face!

Wink and a Smile

I’m just a curbside prophet with my hands on my pocket, uhh do you have some change? No rockets yet.


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