On Spontaneity

Well the song above really has nothing to do with this post, it’s just the music that’s currently blasting on my headset. Too spontaneous, huh? Speaking of, today I have been on my prime day for spontaneity. Whatever comes at hand, I’m up for it. To think, it’s capital MONDAY. Apparently, I have developed this sense to lengthen my patience on Mondays if I don’t intend on keeping a bad and gloomy week.

It’s not everyone that is comfortable at being spontaneous because most people tend to keep and follow their schedules. Me and my friends have greatly enjoyed being very spontaneous, just rolling with the punches and enjoying spur of the moments. And of course, we do know when to follow strict schedules. But sometimes, you just have to let loose because great things come unplanned.

And while I am currently typing out this blog post and saying every word clearly inside my head, I still have that damned Comm 3 homework– that is, to present in class a very convincing performance(?) in reading an article. Well, lyrics are kind of an article right? I do know and memorize a couple of ballads and spoken-sung songs. So plan is, I’ll be deciding on what I will be presenting tomorrow on the spot. Yeah, impromptu!

Oh wow! This Monday night (Tuesday morning technically) has been extremely spontaneous, and every minute of it was tad too great. I am that someone who goes wherever people asks me to be in. I am that someone who’s already inside the taxi with no definite destination yet. I am that someone who drank beer on a big Monday night because there was no T-Ice available. And I will be that someone who’ll shock himself with what kind of article or presentation he’ll be presenting tomorrow on his Speech Communication class.


I am the spontaneous curbside prophet, and while my rocket has not come, let’s get drunk! Awww~


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