Triple the Fun. NOT.

Supposedly, this day is taglined “It’s Triple the Fun in STEC Fun Day”. Just set the ambiance up of what a FUN alumni day is on your mind. Now think of the opposite. That’s how fun it is right now. Imagine, I was able to get into blogging mode and found myself a spot in this old computer lab.

The teachers were expecting AT LEAST 50 people to come. Imagine alumni, and 50. Too few for a number, eh. But the turnout was underwhelming. Clearly a great way to spend a chillout Sunday Funday. And of course, I wouldn’t allow myself to be stuck in this haywire for the whole day. Do you hear what I hear? The air is hissing on my ears: “BAIL. BAIL. BAIL.”

You see, I’m not a day drinker because I just am not. But if anyone is offering me a one-way ticket out of here, wherever I may end up.. I would take that. Muhahahaha, and I feel so evil posting this on my blog with the possibility of the organizers reading this post and *might* do sour faces and hate me forever. HAHA, sorry I’m not sorry.

Actually, one friend is offering an escape plan, and I think it’s where I will find my Sunday fun. If that experience is blog-worthy, then that will be up soon enough. YEAH!

So yeah, this entry is just one big rant and shoutout to boredom in event that’s supposedly FUN.


I’m still the curbside prophet, hands tapping out beats and my rocket should be here any minute..


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