The Last Day on Earth

(c) to the owner of the artwork

It is December 20, 2012  5:21 PM in my timezone, and the Mayan calendar suggests that the world will rapture a few hours from now. No one really knows what time around the 21st of December the apocalypse will begin. But one thing is for sure, tomorrow me and my friends will have an End of the World / 2012 Movie Film Viewing Party. That’s if time won’t end at exactly on the first second of the assumed end of the world.

So how do you really want to spend your last day on Earth? If you knew that the Mayan Apocalypse was true, how would this day be any different from your regular days? If it were me, I would not feel bad if the world would end tomorrow clearly because I’m dearly bugged by my thesis and my just-do-your-thing-because-I’ll-just-wait-for-you-to-finish thesis adviser makes me feel the pressure of NOT graduating on time. Phew! Deadlines here and there, that’s enough reason for me to hope for apocalypse to begin on cue. I’m not being selfish right here, because my classmates would want it to happen as well. That way, everyone would  die (I assume) and all our dreams, aspirations and even our worries and miseries would go along with our tragic death. Everything after the end of our generation wouldn’t matter anyways since we can’t do anything about it. Plus, our consciousness would be very dead by then. There’s nothing to be guilty for. Fair enough?

So how am I spending my assumed last day on Earth? Well, here I am creating this last blog post sipping on my last cup of coffee waiting for the disaster movie from 2009 depicting how the world would end tomorrow to finish downloading. Timely, huh? Well I made myself a promise that I would watch that movie on the date that they said is the beginning of the end.

But that is not how I would have spent my last day on Earth. A great TV show starring Matthew Perry inspired me how I would do it– LAUGH. CRY. THINK.

I haven’t done at least one of the three, at least for now. And I would not want to die tomorrow with me knowing I haven’t done what I intended to do on my last day. So here’s to hoping the Mayans were wrong. Do want you gotta do while we’re still alive and breathing.

And a word of advise– DON’T DIE A VIRGIN.


I’m still the curbside prophet with my hands on my pocket and anxiously waiting for that damn rocket to come!


One thought on “The Last Day on Earth

  1. I really don’t believe the Mayan. For me life must go on. Do the normal and extra ordinary things. One thing I know when the world ends…I cant post nor reply with any blogs.

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