Surviving the Apocalypse

So the Mayans were saying that today is the end of the world.It’s 1pm in my timezone and nothing has happened yet. Clearly, the Mayans were wrong. And I was not wrong, because apparently the new Superman movie, Man of Steel, will be on theaters next year and I have to see that movie.

How do we know that the rapture has begun? What kind of apocalypse is in store for us? Well, for me I’d like to believe that eventually Apocalypse will happen, but not now. It’s just fun to think that in the distant future, which I hope we can already transfer our consciousness to robots so we can live forever, the world we are living in will be nothing like it is now. So I have compiled types of apocalypse that would be very cool and badass if it happens. What’s more badass is if I become a survivor and live in the post-apocalyptic world.

With all the zombie apocalypse shows that’s on, I think almost everyone is ready when this happens. All it takes is one big blow to the undead’s head and they’re dead– for good. There are a couple more things one must know to survive this apocalypse. But I would not want to mention everything in here. If you want to prepare for this kind of apocalypse, go watch “The Walking Dead”. That one’s my favorites, but of course you can check out other movies that involve Zombie Apocalypses. Of all the apocalypses, I think this one is the most fun. Not only are you keeping yourself safe from these zombies, but also making sure that you fulfill your basic needs given the scarcity of resources.
Chances of Survival: 9/10

This kind of apocalypse is a little bit similar to a zombie apocalypse, but what makes this different is you don’t know what kind of virus is spread and you have no idea how to defeat those mutants. “I am Legend” should give you enough creeps with the idea that you are the last man on Earth. Rule number 1 for this apocalypse is “Don’t get infected and  die!”. There’s no escape in this kind of apocalypse. And to be really honest, I’m not ready for this. I will come in this apocalypse unprepared.
Chances of survival: 3/10

I don’t know where to begin with this kind of apocalypse. But one thing is for sure, most movies suggest that aliens that colonize the Earth are more powerful and advanced than we are. I’d like to believe aliens do exist, and I’d also like to believe that they would come in peace (which is a rare case). But if ever this apocalypse happens, I think my strategy would be to join them so I could destroy their colony from the inside. Of course I would need help from other resistance members. My guiding principles for survival will be based from TV shows like “V” and “Falling Skies”.
Chances of Survival: 7/10

It’s all gonna turn off! We live in an electric world, and what if everything suddenly turns off without a clear explanation why it happened. This one, all you need is survival instincts and practicality. I think I just *might* survive this apocalypse, but for sure I would eventually die because I have always been reliant of the technologies around me. Everytime I watch the trailer for “Revolution”, I feel like hyperventilating. It’s so difficult! Yes, I would survive this apocalypse long enough, but the thought of a world without electronics, everything that utilizes power including battery-operated devices (i.e. cars, phones and flashlights), is enough to kill my motivation to live.
Chances of Survival: 7/10

This one’s the one everyone is anticipating to happen today, but HAHAHAHA, shame. But if ever this really happens, there’s no way everyone is surviving, or at least a couple hundreds. And for sure, given that I live in a 3rd world country, I will not make it out alive. This is, yet again, another favorite apocalypse. When this apocalypse happens, I will just be sitting at home watching this movie for full 4D effects and also watch people show their selfishness saving themselves only ending in their tragic demise.
Chances of Survival: 1/10 (I would have written 0, but “while there is life, there is hope”)

I really have no idea how the world and the humankind would cease to exist but in my world of pure imagination, anything I want can happen. But the point is, no one really knows when the world would end, so you have to live everyday like it’s your last one. Make the most of it before you regret the things that you have NOT done will you had the time.


I’m the curbside prophet, with my hands in my pocket, fingers crossed that my rocket will come in time before the world begins to rapture.


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