Drink ‘Til You Drop

I just sobered up and I’m already past my 7am curfew. These people are enjoying the low tide waters. The soothing calmness of the water current gives you that rush to just jump right in to the waters. I can’t. Because I came in unprepared for this overnight party. I’m missing the fun, yet again.

The greatest thing I got from high school are these awesome companions. And I could say that they’re still the same people who act so immature when we get together. For four years in a row, we’ve made it a tradition to have a Christmas Get-Together Party every 29th of December. This year was quite typical with regards to attendance. Only around half our batch showed up.

This year was by far, the greatest. We are clearly adults now. From the language we speak to the games we play and to the drinks we drink. Yep, this year’s theme was Drink ‘Til You Drop.

Last night was amazing! The only thing was, I was the first to be knocked down. Just because a darn movie bored me to sleep and I missed the next couple hours of fun. And again this morning when the group decided to have a dip in the waters. Blitz. Boo!

But no regrets. Our batch was proven and tested that throughout the years, we were closely knit to enjoy and suffer together come what may.

I just might be happy at the moment or again, the alcohol talking :))


I’m just a curbside prophet with my hands on my pocket and no, I don’t wanna go home yet.


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