I promised to myself that I would jump start my year with a blog post about my Sinulog experience, which was more than crazy and more than what I expected, and this post is not that one yet. Soon enough.

My January was a bit of a drag despite the constant pressures and demands my acads are bringing. So far I’m coping up well, and I see a little glimmer of light for my thesis, and hopefully, without all the laziness and slacking, I intend to finish my thesis on or before the third week of February. Also, my identity of being the TV show junkie has been shelf-ed for some reason I really cannot explain. I’ve been weeks delayed with some TV shows. I haven’t even seen the entirety of the finale of The Voice.

BTW, what the heck am I doing right now blogging when in fact I am supposed to be in a whirl wind of academics stuff? I should be doing all those if I want to graduate April this year. Yeah, I have brewed 10-cups worth of coffee just to keep me awake though out the night. Anyone wanna join me in a vigil, thanks. I’ll need all the help I can get. While I am supposed to be writing all my thoughts to a Comparative Movie Review for our Rizal class, here I am. Again, what am I doing in here?

Here’s a little fact: you do a lot of work when you wear your shoes because you feel busy. So yes, I have not changed from the clothes I wore today. I still have my shoes on. That is how dedicated I am to not sleeping and doing all the things I am supposed to be doing but here I am blabbering like I have the time to do so and posting it online.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking an exam which I have no basis as to what type of exam it is. I hope it’s the type of exam where I get a good mark. I sure hope so. Tomorrow, I’ll be asking my thesis adviser for updates. Yeah, it is the student who is asking for updates from his adviser. I live my student life that way.

Woah. And I just woke up to my senses. What kind of gibberish blahs am I writing in here and why am I doing this? I dunno. If someone reading this gets up to this point, go ask help from a shrink. I salute you for bearing with my unorganized and senseless thoughts right now. Srsly, pat yourself in the back. You deserve it.

Maybe it’s just the side effects of caffeine overdose or what not, but I’m pretty sure I’d look like a trainwreck tomorrow. So here’s to a night of taking things seriously. And I promise that my succeeding posts will make a lot of sense (I hope it is the Sinulog post). And I also promise that will organize my “Categories” because the current ones are not making a lot of sense. Just like this post.

Attention-seeking much?


It’s 2013 and I’m still the curbside prophet and seriously hoping for my rocket to come.


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