That Long Overdue Sinulog Post


I have been very obnoxious about having a dragging 2013, and I did nothing to fix it. Maybe all I need is a kick in the nuts to wake me up to my senses. Exactly a week ago, I was out in the streets wandering with friends not fully aware of what is around me because I was a little bit intoxicated. It felt good being alive!

What I did the entire weekend last week is something that shouldn’t be written in my own records of history books just to be immortalized, it will be lived. Everything was on its right place: the missed fluvial parade, the henna tattoos I don’t enjoy, the hecks of a walk, the nerve-thrashing perya rides, the mood killing traffic jam, the stellar fireworks show, the intimate closeness with the Sinulog crowd and the billion dollar idea that smashed the weekend– WORKING SHOTS.

I would not want to drag this post as well. I also would not want to detail how I wasted my weekend, because that is how it is immortalized.

Sleep and other important academic stuff were compromised and I did not mind. I had a blast! I learned the art of sneaking in, that thing is for sure.  But at the end of it all, I got what I wanted.

A jump-started 2013.


I’m the curbside prophet, my rocket was not found somewhere in the streets during Sinulog.


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