A Summit I’m About To Conquer

The night before I was bound to Manila, I received a lengthy Facebook message inviting me to this event. It seemed legit, so I read everything written in the message. Wow! I was actually overwhelmed to be called a blogger. Boy, it seems like I am a legit blogger now when all I do is rant and blah on this blog. But at least, once in a while I get to write something that makes sense and would matter. So, here we go..

Mark you calendars. No, that’s too much of a cliche for me to write. Just set March 16 as the date because the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 will be held right here in Cebu at JCenter Mall. The theme is “#Trending Forward“. Interesting! And at last hashtags are used properly. (Sidenote: Hashtags like #instahappy #instawhatever are annoying and they don’t belong in this world, so please avoid using those. And yes, I have an Instagram account.)

Lucky me, I got an opportunity to join the event as a blogger. It would really be an interesting day as Maria Ressa will be the keynote speaker. (I have always heard her name being thrown around, especially in the blogging community).

The event is open to the public at Php 750.00 (general admission) and Php 250.00 (for students) per ticket. But if you are a blogger or a social media influencer, you can come for free given you are qualified for the following:

  • Post a blog post about Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 in a blog at least 3 month old with at least 10 post;
  • mention ALL of our partners and sponsors;
  • at least an anchor link for Social Media Influencers summit and
  • Will attend the event not later than 9AM

If I am not making any sense at all, just visit their website and see for yourself how you can be part of this summit. Click here.

I know it is difficult for events to be organized let alone making sure that the experience will be legendary and something people will be talking about. So here’s a nudge to ALL our partners and sponsors. Big big BIIIIG thanks to them after the jump. 


  • The main organizers of this event, iNewMedia Online Network (www.inewmediaonline.net)… Big thanks to them for the initiative.
  • The co-organizers, Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. (www.cebubloggers.com). I’ve been to Cebu Blog Camp 3, and they are really accommodating. It was a spectacular event.





(Partner Organizations)
I’m the curbside prophet and I’m so ready for this!

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