Desperate Measures


Hey universe! I just don’t know where to call out to, and I really am desperate to do this. I have never been this uncertain and doubtful in my life. In a few days my future will begin. I’m talking about my (hopeful) graduation. I’m just not sure yet, but I know I want to, somehow. Or the thought of extension just doesn’t make sense when you have a handful of people pressuring you to graduate with flying colors.

Anyway, I’m seeking help from the universe, to at least conspire and let things fall into place. That my thesis adviser won’t do the things I’m not ready to face. That he may be cooperative in my endeavors of graduating this month.

I know I’m not asking too much, I know I can do this, if my adviser cooperates. I’m very much eager to do my part, even if it goes to the extent of amputating my limbs, I would still do it. I am dedicated to finish this.
Just please, universe, make it happen.


I’m the curbside prophet and I’m waiting for a miracle to happen


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