Friday Anthem #1: Not There Yet

Not There Yet by Eric Hutchinson

I don’t wanna work anymore
I just wanna live instead
Everyone is saying I’m all grown up
I’ve come a long way but I’m not there yet


Stepping out of the Shadow

Just a shadow

My entire life is built on a shadow cast back when I was younger; that I am this and that. My parents are academic achievers, so should I. They were responsible at a very young age, so should I. I was overshadowed by all their frustrations that they want me to be what they wanted to be back when they were younger. All of my life, I’ve been living with this shadow overhead. Continue reading

What am I doing with my life?

FOREWORD: This isn’t gloating. This is yet again, another senseless blabbering.

Around a week ago I was sleep deprived, yet I was just in bed trying to get myself to sleep. I forced my eyes closed, yet my thoughts wandered around my infinite pool of thoughts. I was forcing myself to slumber because I had to get up early for freakin’ Monday because it would be my first day at work. Continue reading