Nope, it isn’t some random word or tongue twister I made up. Until now, I still cannot pronounce each syllable properly. Atatakakunikatta is actually a Japanese word meaning ‘was not warm’. Ah, the irony.

My morning ‘was not warm’. Despite the warming weather, I was feeling ill and cold, but I wasn’t sick. The entire morning today, I wasn’t feeling myself. It was as if my heart was literally on my sleeves. I felt my heart beat on my shoulders, and it was horribly painful. Clearly, I was not in my A-game on a (self-imposed optional) Monday workday.

I know something is coming, Winter is Coming. The storm is brewing, my guts are telling me so. It is quite hard to sublimate this worry and doubt when you sit all day in a gray desk along with other people also stuck in their gray desks eyes focused on their machine. Their souls weren’t there, it was sucked by the corporate monster. Is this the storm that’s coming? The impending doom of my (non-existent) soul.

Or maybe something more harrowing is about to happen? As I shuffled my way to the elevator, horrible accidents and wicked ways to die flashed in my mind. It was ‘Final Destination’ kind of gore. And I should have been terrified. I wasn’t terrified  because I did not get that 30-second flashback of my life, not even goosebumps. But I know something is up.

So tell me, is danger on its way? Kyo wa atatakakunikatta desu kara. (Because it was not warm today)


I’m the curbside prophet, a prophet?


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