The Great Divide

It’s just been what, 5 weeks and 3 days since I started this job. And no, I’m not here to start ranting about how I don’t really belong here and what not. What follows would somehow be “contrary” to my prejudices, or maybe not.

Tomorrow the great divide will be initialized, although the Great Divide will really begin this Friday. Well, the Great Divide is the metaphorical name we call the period in the training at which the population will be separated into two for specialization courses. Sounds like a great milestone, but the Debbie Downer that I am makes me feel different.

This five weeks, I have already established constancy and consistency as to how I operate day by day, and then comes the Great Divide that would somehow send me back to square one, or something like that. It’s not that I would miss the people that I’ve been with the past month and almost a half. Yes, I won’t miss them. The case is that I’ve already been emotionally stable but comes another hurdle I saw coming but was unprepared to jump for it.

Indeed, everything changes by the dime and you have to really roll with the punches because there is no rewind or pause in life to asses things that come your way then do the rightful thing. And I admit that I’m kind of weak with instant adjustments, it takes me quite a long time to be okay at a new situation (that’s very evident).

Yeah, as if I have a choice. All I can do now is just take a deep breath and play pretend.

I’m fine.


I’m the curbside prophet. Or was I ever?


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