He’s Back

It’s been a long time since I’ve been keeping myself in the dark; just enough time for me to grow out of my insecurities, hatred and all the Clark-iness vibe I give off. Circumstances have forced me to grow up (no puns intended) and act more mature, just to fail miserably. But at least I know I’m trying. Of those months of solitude (or just my job eating all of my time), I learned to shut up. I don’t have to explain myself anymore, and it felt accomplishing to be on a good streak. But as of this moment, I’m done with cold turkey and I think I’ll be fine now. I hope.

But speaking of cold turkey, Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I do celebrate Thanksgiving annually despite it being NOT a holiday in the Philippines. This year, I’m thankful for having graduated from the university with honors. And I’m also thankful for landing a stable job. And not gonna complain about the… uhm.

I’m also thankful for the gift of language. Although I’ve been so much of a crap at it, I’m proud that I understand very basic Japanese. That’s all again because of work (no funny faces this time).  すごいですね。Someday I’ll concoct a post for this blog that’s all Nihongo.

And before I forget, I passed the PhilNits. Last year’s meh-I-couldn’t-bother-caring-big-time-for-this-what-I-thought-unimportant-exam was the absolute opposite of the reeling feeling of anticipation I had before taking it this year. I was pretty confident after the exam, and that was a great sign (as if I believe in signs).

Despite the very clear absence of it, I’m still thankful for time. Clearly, this post is waaaay hours behind Thanksgiving day in the Philippines, yet I found this ample time to be thankful for things that I’ve worked hard for. I really intended to do this before I hit the bed despite my very apparent lack of time.

Last year, I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my dear friends: good times! But this year, I was stuck in my cubicle rendering extra work hours to catch up on delays. It was very much the opposite of how I envisioned my Thanksgiving this year would be. I’ve planned a butterball turkey dinner for the family but a curveball went our way instead. Rest in peace, dear aunt! You ARE a legend. I’m also thankful for all the great (and bad) stuff we’ve been through. You will surely be missed.. a lot.

In general (I have to wrap it up, I’m sooo sleepy as fck my eyes are gonna drop in 5..4..3..), I’m thankful for all the opportunities going my way. I’m thankful for the decisions that I made in the past. I’m also thankful for the people I surround myself with. I’m sorry for being the Clark that I am, and thank you for putting up with me. To my family, who’s just here at home (haha) and to my dear friends who I’ve not seen for a long time because we’re all busy with our respective careers(wow, career!), also to the people I’ve stopped talking to, I’m sorry but I just had to do that for my sake, THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF MY LIFE.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving! //goodvibes

P.S. This should have been a disclaimer that what you are about to read is comprehensible because my brain’s half asleep already, but I guess it’s too late? 


I’m the curbside prophet and I’ve made contact with my rocket 🙂


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