New Fridays


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Some couples months ago, I would be home by around this hour, or maybe even later (or earlier in the morning) from a Friday night out. I’d be dead tired and half-sober and half drunk, contented and satisfied. Those were the days.

Today, I went home in the wee hours, dead tired sans the alcohol. I wouldn’t say I don’t miss the glory days, but life changes by the dime and mine has been changed since I signed papers 8 months prior. I thought I could handle the change, and I clearly underestimated the responsibilities and overestimated my capabilities. Yes, I got home on a Saturday (technically) from a Friday workday. No I’m not complaining, just distressing.

A friend just recently told me, that this state we’re currently on is for us to grow up (again, I growing puns not allowed here) and take more responsibility. I have to agree, all my life I have been running away from acting like a mature adult, now I have start acting like one.

Gone are the days of TGIF-YOLO days. Because the New Fridays (or more like everyday) are OT Days đŸ™‚


I’m the curbside prophet, dagnabbit!


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