The ‘REAL’ Curbside Prophet

I’m the curbside prophet, and still waiting for my rocket to come.

Yet again, I’m a talker, not a blogger. And this is my nth attempt in maintaining a blog, and hopefully the 2nd maintained blog. But it really doesn’t matter. My point here is, I would not care how many people follow this blog, just as along as I get to express a part of me – the frustrated writer. Yah, I write trash and crap, but who cares, I’m distressed (from boredom usually)!

My alter ego is theblurr, meh, I heard that guy’s awesome! Well you heard that right. He’s that someone people see as the mean, narcissistic douche who is fluent with the language of sarcasm. And if he thinks he can do so, he will do so! His trying his best at a good shot to the Big Apple *dun dun dun*. He’s also got a huge hate for anything mainstream, and he’s also the unconventional hipster. Yeah, that guy’s a twisted individual, and he usually gets away with stuffs. He’s got amazing powers of reasoning.

Okay, the self-flattering can go on forever, but this blog is somewhat a manual or an instructional on how to handle a guy like me.


One thought on “The ‘REAL’ Curbside Prophet

  1. I was hoping to get a link to Mraz’ but here I am! Haha stalking your blog, really. Your future whoevers should see this. I’ll be that friend who makes sure whoevers will do. Hehe

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