The past days– or whatever, I lost track of time — happened like a blur. Things have changed since I last posted in here. It was as if my life went into a major overhaul without me noticing it, until now. I look dead and lifeless, my brain is stressed out, and I have lost all sense of control. And that’s because I live in a cycle now just like a zombie.

  1. Wake up at 7am.
  2. Do my SP 7 hrs straight. (My college thesis)
  3. Quick shower.
  4. School. (To present updates to my beloved please read though the sarcasm, help me! thesis adviser)
  5. Relax a bit. Chill, dinner, whatever.
  6. Get back home.
  7. Slack a bit, watch a tv episode maybe.
  8. Attempt to be productive, like do my sp.
  9. Actually do my SP 5hrs straight.
  10. Sleep for 2-3 hours.
  11. Repeat cycle.

I have always believed in zombie apocalypses, and I was always hoping I would be one of the survivors but here I am becoming one of the first people who has become a zombie. Help, I am turning into one. But why am I allowing myself to be one? Oh right, graduation. Which actually terrifies me contrary to popular belief. And that’s another issue.

So just let me just succumb to living life in a cycle– predictable, dull and boring actually, help me and get me out of here. Or maybe this is just the life that’s really ahead of me.


I am the curbside prophet. I am a programmer and I have no life.


City Etiquette

When you decide to hit the big cities, expect that things will be quite different than what things are in your regular city. I did expect things differently, and I guess I overestimated what the city brings. Yes, it was crowded, very tall buildings, LRTs and MRTs, very long and congested highways, malls everywhere, extremely busy people who walk with a faster pace and all the likes. I expected all those, and I guess I expected too much. But my point is, how do you really adjust to the city living?

1. Trust no one. 

In a big city, you only have yourself to trust, or at least your companions. Everyone else is working at their own pace, time is always at their tails. As one of my companions have observed, they look like they are always running. The point is, time is not something they cannot waste as it is the fuel that makes the big cities tick. You can’t trust these people because this is a world of survival, only the fittest survive. Because if you can’t cope with the pace, the city will eat you out alive.

2. Get hydrated.

In your attempts at catching up with their pace, make sure that you have enough energy to get you going. People are wired relatively different in the cities. They make sure that they make it out alive at the end of the day, and also ready to survive yet another day.

3. Adjust with the culture.

Try your best to cope with the people around you. Usually, language is the barrier. That is why, it is best if you travel alone so that you are forced to adjust to how people are in the place you are at. Because if you travel by bulk, you would just feel like you are walking on the same ground. Observe how people do it.

4. Dare to stand out.

Don’t focus too much on adjusting that you are losing your sense of identity. Always be yourself. Don’t hesitate asking questions from strangers. HAHAHA

At least try following these tips because really, people will try to take advantage and fool you if you look too naive and trusting for a big city.

And really, I am not supposed to be here now, I should be reviewing or sleeping for tomorrow’s competition.. So I’m just gonna end this post hanging.


I’m the curbside prophet, and I’m looking for my rocket.

LOVE: Because I don’t talk about it that much


I never expected  that I would end up writing something about love in this blog. Heck, I couldn’t even feel at ease typing out the letters to spell the word. But whatever, let see how this goes.

For starters, I just think being in love is so clingy, needy, intimate and blehk. It makes you do things, say words, dream hopelessly about things you won’t ever do when you are in your right mind. It is a drug that alters the way you normally live your life. It is dangerous. It is troublesome. It is not even logical at all.

I have seen the crazy things people do for the sake of the L-word. By crazy I mean re-adjusting your crazy scale because it is over the top. I have seen people get hurt for giving in too much, for missing a lot, for what else things love demands. Oh wait, am I describing a follower, a help or a servant maybe? Pardon that.

But who am I to say all these? From an observer’s point of view, it is what it is. And to be really honest, I am horrified of the day I will take back all I’m posting in here. Because if the L-word is there, commitment will follow, then more responsibilities. And to top everything off, I’m perfectly good at screwing all those things up. So avoid as much as possible.

But one thing I know is for sure, it is not the drug I want to mess with. I’ll take it moderately.


I’m just the curbside prophet and I can’t say the L-word.

2012: The Year That Is, Was and Will Be


I was supposed to create a very comprehensive year-ender blog post, but to no avail, I can’t seem to make out the entirety of the year that’s about to close in. Maybe because I was not sober the whole year, just kidding. Maybe I’m just not really attentive with details of the past, I can’t recollect it properly. Or maybe it’s just because it was not really a memorable or a stand out year after all. I hope it isn’t the latter because I really don’t know why.

To be fairly honest, there is nothing big about a transition from a year to another. So why the hell would I sum up the year that was when in fact it is just a year that’s passing by? Maybe because a new year defines the beginning of a new set of mistakes, and hell I should be learning from the mistakes that I did this year?

So how was my 2012 like?

January. The only standout memory I could make from this month was the Sinulog Celebration. I was like a freakin’ animal released into the wild. From 3am of Saturday to 2am of Monday, I was out there enjoying the festivities. Oh, it was a great January! I hope I get to do an awful more fun on the next Sinulog.


Hey, it’s the old blog banner!

February. Hm, birthday? Meh, I’m never the birthday person. I don;t make a big deal out of it and I intend to keep it that way. But February is for the College Prom, my first prom ever. The theme was Oscars night, but to be honest, the theme really did not matter to me because whatever it would have been, I would still have gone as Superman. Just because.


It’s a bird!

March. It was a pretty much a haggard month, thanks to a very meticulous professor, Ms. Pauline Wade. I did not hate her because she was too demanding, in fact I learned a looot from her. And if given another chance to enroll in her class, I would do so. Just not during 4th year because I’m doing(?) my thesis.

April. I got an internship from Greater Heights. Yes, the first weeks were fun. Learned a couple of stuff, felt what it was to work on a company, being demanded by a handful of jobs with tight deadlines by your boss, blah blah blah. It was fun, but the fun lasted not for long. It went from light and fun to horrible and crazy in just a few weeks. But I just kept everything to myself because if I ranted about it back then, I would have been toast. Also, I started this blog on this month. So here’s a shoutout to the first post I made in this blog.

May. The internship continues and the mask-wearing has been a stretch. Not only were we, the interns not given a compensation package by the company, they also demanded work to be brought home because they are a few people short. Every time I log in to the biometrics of the office door, I put on that phony smile to show that I’m still enjoying the job, but HAHAHAHAHAHA.

June. So my 4th academic year in college has begun. June was a bit of a drag. Meh.

July. We got “fired” from the job we got after being absorbed in the company that we had our internship. It was bittersweet. I don’t wanna talk about it. I learned a lot from that experience, but it really is not worth recalling.

From the first payday!

From the first payday!

August. Officially a registered voter! Then all the adventures and mishaps with friends went consecutive. It was as if almost every day was an opportunity for us to live the day like it’s our last one. Chilling in here, boozing in there, party somewhere, and get banned in a lot of places. No regrets at all.

Registered voter!

Registered voter!

September. I started to play MMORPG again. There were those sleepless nights just to get your character’s level up high. The adrenaline of playing RPG games is really different. But then I stopped because I have better priorities. Also, September marks the FALL TV SEASON. Ahh, nirvana! Lot’s of new shows and other returning shows. I will never get tired with this.



October. More adventures my wasted and moist friends. Late October, I will never forget the “Parkmall Incident”. HAHAHA, this by far tops my 2012. I’m not spilling the details because it would not be as golden as it is now if a lot of people knew about it.

November. I joined Cebu Blog Camp. And while it was not what I expected it to be, I got what I wanted from the experience. That is, to get the momentum of blogging more frequently. And I got to meet new and fun companies. Hello, Team Tendeng!

December. I realized I hated high school. I was sober only about half the month. I hated Christmas Parties. I got ready for the assumed “End of the World”. And the best of them all, the MCDV party (which again, I was not sober). HAHA

The hungover

The hungover

Just when I thought the year was just a year that will be buried in history. Turns out, there are a couple of things that stood out and are worth remembering and should be written in biography in case I become rich, famous and successful. I am thankful of the year that has been. I have learned from the mistakes that I have done this year. I will keep the memories worth keeping. After all, 2012 is not just a year that’s just passing by, which I thought was. Cheers, to the year that is, was and will be!


I’m still the curbside prophet with my hands in my pocket and I’m waiting for 2013 to come.

The Last Day on Earth

(c) to the owner of the artwork

It is December 20, 2012  5:21 PM in my timezone, and the Mayan calendar suggests that the world will rapture a few hours from now. No one really knows what time around the 21st of December the apocalypse will begin. But one thing is for sure, tomorrow me and my friends will have an End of the World / 2012 Movie Film Viewing Party. That’s if time won’t end at exactly on the first second of the assumed end of the world.

So how do you really want to spend your last day on Earth? If you knew that the Mayan Apocalypse was true, how would this day be any different from your regular days? If it were me, I would not feel bad if the world would end tomorrow clearly because I’m dearly bugged by my thesis and my just-do-your-thing-because-I’ll-just-wait-for-you-to-finish thesis adviser makes me feel the pressure of NOT graduating on time. Phew! Deadlines here and there, that’s enough reason for me to hope for apocalypse to begin on cue. I’m not being selfish right here, because my classmates would want it to happen as well. That way, everyone would  die (I assume) and all our dreams, aspirations and even our worries and miseries would go along with our tragic death. Everything after the end of our generation wouldn’t matter anyways since we can’t do anything about it. Plus, our consciousness would be very dead by then. There’s nothing to be guilty for. Fair enough?

So how am I spending my assumed last day on Earth? Well, here I am creating this last blog post sipping on my last cup of coffee waiting for the disaster movie from 2009 depicting how the world would end tomorrow to finish downloading. Timely, huh? Well I made myself a promise that I would watch that movie on the date that they said is the beginning of the end.

But that is not how I would have spent my last day on Earth. A great TV show starring Matthew Perry inspired me how I would do it– LAUGH. CRY. THINK.

I haven’t done at least one of the three, at least for now. And I would not want to die tomorrow with me knowing I haven’t done what I intended to do on my last day. So here’s to hoping the Mayans were wrong. Do want you gotta do while we’re still alive and breathing.

And a word of advise– DON’T DIE A VIRGIN.


I’m still the curbside prophet with my hands on my pocket and anxiously waiting for that damn rocket to come!

Just Like Broadway

So I was having quite the typical crappy, manic Monday. Really, really horrible morning. I just might compare it’s horrible intensity to the brewing superstorm, Pablo. And to be frankly honest, the so-so thing that could have lifted up my spirits just a few notch is our Rizal class. HAHAHA, trust me when I say that the Philippine’s national hero is a vampire. I have no proofs yet, but I will definitely prove that.

This school day was a drag. But that is something that I wouldn’t want to be blogging just about now. Hm, where do I begin really? Ah, yes! I was scheduled for a date that we rightfully won with Team Tendeng, the people I have bonded with over the course of the Cebu Blog Camp. We were waiting for some of our team members to arrive so we can go as a team (yeah, really). And while we were at it, me and the guys decided to push thru with our long overdue plan to play Kinect and try out the new songs. Who knew that warming up to XBOX would come in so handy later on. Yep, we were 3 members out because they have other priorities at hand. Good thing one of them was intending to catch up later on. The trip was hilarious enough for us to get a sitcom.

in photo (L-R): ER, Kim, Kirby, me, Danilo. photograph by: AlanMIA: Ella, Ivy, Carl

In photo (L-R): ER, Kim, Kirby, me, Danilo.
Photograph by: Alan
MIA: Ella, Ivy, Carl

After some travel hazards and a few struggles, we got to the venue. It was not as accessible as I thought it was. But traveling as a big group was fun enough for someone to feel the hassles. Lakwatsa Resto Lounge was somewhat hidden from common view as I did not know that such street is there somewhere in Mandaue. But not bad. The elevators we’re well, techy. And everyone knows that there’s something special about elevators– sexy, claustrophobic, mundane. But to us, it was an avenue for a chuckle-worthy of a photograph. Trivia: Lakwatsa was at the 5th floor of the building and we took the photograph on the 5th floor. We had to close it back for the full elevator feel. The elevator went back down and back up. Just for a photograph.


*smile* *click* *shutter* *ding* *elevator door opens* *laughter*

The people there were accommodating and hospitable. No complaints. Food was just above average. Barbecue was bland but the baby back ribs was delish! Must try. I should be posting some photos of the food we ate, but it is just too mainstream and it just sooo not me. So you’ll have to go check out the place to get what I mean. A part of our ticket says that “the show” starts at 8pm. Wait, what show? This should somehow entertain me. I’ve never seen a Broadway-like show. Please don’t disappoint me!

Heck, I was entertained. The show was called “Biyahe”. A show that travels the Philippines exploring and highlighting the best of the Filipino culture. I was fascinated with the lively performance of tinikling, and the sayaw sa bangko was something that I did not expect. The depiction of the underwater dance was extravagant. And the best part of their performance is the audience interaction. They brought people from the audience and taught them basic tinikling. It was a refresher of the dance I had back in high school. So much memories.

One, Two, Clap (repeat 'till you're tired)

One, Two, Clap (repeat ’till you’re tired)

Then we had this window of opportunity to get a pic with the outstanding beauty among the performers. Trust me when I say outstanding. Hey there Alan, buddy. HAHA. Still, I had my pic taken with her 😛

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit B.

The performers are really great. And I talked to one of them and told her it was just like Broadway. It was so overwhelming, at least to me, that I need not go to Brooklyn just to get a good show. But of course, that will always be in my bucket list. Funny how a “Broadway-quality show” is just somewhere in the city. Lakwatsa has this great gimmick for attracting not just the locals but also tourists from different places. It IS a must watch!

So we had our photos taken with the 10G Troupers, the performers, taken right after their show. They deserve a slow clap for their commendable and good vibes performance. Indeed, Team Tandang bonded well and good with this experience. No kiss a*sing intended, but I’m really thankful for Cebu Blog Camp for making this happen.

I'm beside Lakwatsa Girl :>

I’m beside Lakwatsa Girl :>

More fun in the... (no, i'm not joining the bandwagon)

More fun in the… (no, i’m not joining the bandwagon)

Goodtimes! There’s definitely a round two for Team Tendeng. It was so much fun, we should do it again. Just being snarky right here– THE BILLBOARD.

And who knew that Monday’s don’t necessarily have to suck. And to top it all off, I had a very fun one. Just like Broadway.

Thanksgiving State of Mind

I live in the Philippines. And we don’t celebrate a national holiday called Thanksgiving. We don’t have falling leaves or the start of snow fall to match our roasted turkey dinners with our families. But being a deviant and a renegade, I celebrate Thanksgiving in my own little ways. Because Thanksgiving is just  a state of mind. And also, this post is not that obligatory at all. I am in the best mood to post something that does not showcase the dark cloud that has found it’s niche above my head.

The year 2012 (is the last. –hopefully the Mayan calendar is true, for some dark reasons), has been pretty much a high for me. It is this year when I always look at the half-empty, half-full glass as completely full. Of course, technically there’s air on the “empty” regions of the container. This only means that you just have to look at the bigger picture, and make the dark side a bright one. (The last statement is such a contradiction to the mood that I have built up in this blog). But to get this over with, I want to express what I’m really thankful for this year.

First, I am thankful for my friends and foes. But more to my friends. Last year, I celebrated my Thanksgiving dinner alone with a roast turkey and mashed potatoes. Yep, ALONE. I was thankful for myself for keeping it together and being awesome no matter what. This year is no different (turkey breakfast though :P). But being awesome is magnified when you are around your deserving friends. I’m sooooo thankful to have met these people (you know who you all are, you can identify yourselves) and have been around them. Thank you for (insert everything that you want to hear from me here). But for the adventures and mishaps mostly. I’m still not good at the drama department and you all know that, but at least I’m trying. And of course, FOES! Without all of you, how could I ever appreciate a good life if I don’t see your miseries. Just stay miserable, horrible and terrible all at once, and we’re good!

I am also thankful for this academic year (blehk), and that this will hopefully be my last semester. I’m thankful that I was able to pull through an era of war and plague last semester. So thankful and humbled by the grades that I got. Indeed, you reap what you sow.

I’m of course, thankful for the family (not everyone, duh) who’s been there to support (some) of my endeavors. And being proud of who I have grown to, and even to the simplest little things (like being in the local paper). Ugh. But thanks!

And spotlight… I am thankful for myself for always keeping it classy (for most of the time) in moist situations (hahaha) and being positive on all the things that’s about to come (puns intended, lol). Buddy, always keep the dream. New York will be ours, and our Thanksgiving will not just be something that we make for ourselves just to satisfy our emptiness inside. Also remember that you had your epiphany moment today! (wink wink).

And while my gratifaction (grateful satisfaction, now I hereby give my cool stamp to this new word) level is over the top already, always remember that Thanksgiving is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter where you are and what your dinner is, be thankful for what you have and what you are about to have. Remember, STATE OF MIND.

Eyes on the Price

The past days, my emotions are in a great turmoil. It does not show, but every time I get to be alone and silent, during public transpo, in the shower, before sleeping, it kicks right back in. I could say it was somewhat of a reality check for me. And I have been weighing on my ultimate dreams. And I guess I just found my sense of practicality.

It haunts me to the guts that my priorities have changed (?)

I been thinking, can I really get New York? People who I thought would be supportive of my dreams are the ones who have been  “very helpful” in building up my hype. And my sense of practicality is somewhat not on my side. But screw it, this dream is what fuels me to live, to wake up everyday and face the bitch we have all been accustomed to– LIFE, and to do good in my final year in college.

At the end of this day, my preconscious has reminded me to keep my eyes on the prize. And it was just this morning, when I was half-awake and half-asleep when I changed my desktop background from a Superman wallpaper to a New York skyline wallpaper. This would keep me reminded what am I living for. I use the computer all the time, the wallpaper will remind me all the time.

Everytime I look at the picture, I get swallowed into oblivion, Let’s face it, this big city would really intimidate you. It would take everything that you have to survive this city. That is my challenge! Prove everyone I am capable. Prove everyone New York is where I’ll find that place called HOME.

A Thousand Years

I have died everyday, waiting for you.. ♪♫

Gawd, when do I get to know my final grades for this semester. I hate waiting, and it always reminds me of a saying a prominent person in my life always says (ahem, my father).

Waiting is a waste of time…

While most people would disagree, I wound partially justify that waiting is indeed a waste of time. It’s just a matter of utilizing your resources, and that includes time. And also, deadlines are deadlines, last Friday was supposed to be the deadline of submission of grades for the teachers, and it’s already a Monday. Okay, enough of the ranting already, they might have a valid reason for not submitting on time, which I doubt 😛

I may just be anxious, paranoid, disturbed and frustrated at the moment because of the waiting, but anything that involves waiting is not my cup of tea. I suck at patience, for me it isn’t a virtue. LOL