February Magic

The early bird catches the worm.

The other birds sleep in, eat a nice brunch

and laugh at the insomniac, worm-eating fool.

(from Twitter)

Heading home this early in the morning is not new to me. But at least this time, I had legitimate reasons. Yes, I wasn’t out partying last night. Riding a motorcycle home with the cold morning air gush all its glory on my too tired body made me recall how I have hastily wasted an entire month doing practically nothing to ensure that I walk on stage this coming April. I, too, am pretty worried about thesis and crap. And January was not the month I call productive.

As the motorcycle hurriedly zooms in the highways, you could smell that distinctive sharp shampoo smell coming from freshly bathed people who are ready to go to work at freakin’ five in the morning. Wow! They must be THAT dedicated for their jobs, high paying or not, they muster up all their efforts to get to work everyday. Industrious as they are, I am the complete opposite. I have been promising myself and anyone who asks about my thesis that I will get to it ASAP. But I just end up slacking. That’s how it is. Reality bitch slaps you in ways you can’t imagine, just like the dust particles that are hitting me straight in the face. Pretty much a big bummer.

Come the first of February. That metaphorical first day. Not too late to say this is, yet again, another promise at saying I will be doing my thesis. But this time I will append, “for real and faithfully”. If ever you see me somewhere and you happen to ask about how my thesis is doing, please kick me in the nuts if I say “no progress”. This is not a promise anymore, but an order.

I know I’ve got what it takes get over this obstacle. I may not be the early bird who does and gets his thing, at least I know that I am one of the other birds who will be enjoying a nice feast later on. I WILL BE GRADUATING AT THE END OF THIS SEMESTER. And hopefully, graduate as an honor student and a great assuring pat in the back.

I’ve got the magic in me!


I’m still the curbside prophet and I will graduate April of this year!


The Road Not Taken

It is exactly at these times when I am having my “what could have been” thoughts. Just in time for the nearing graduation, which I badly hope that I could be part of. I’m not exaggerating, but I really am having my doubts. I don’t know what, but the uncertainty is just there shadowing my every move in my hopefully last semester in college.

What could have happened if I did not take Computer Science? What if I shifted or transferred schools? What if I quit school? Particular situations where I couldn’t even give myself contentment with a simple answer.

What could have been? It is something that I could not resort to making a fic out of it just to answer this dilemma. Plus, I suck at making fics because I really go outside the box. And the farther it gets from reality, the more it makes no sense. And I think, it is for the better– so I could not have my regrets.

While I am having these doubts and “could have been” thoughts, I am thankful for all the things that I have now. No regrets so far. I will just let my alternate versions of myself in other parallel universes enjoy the consequences on the crossroads I had in the past. (Just enough proof to show I am a sci-fi geek)

While this blog post is blant and vague, I hope Clark-ternate is doing the opposite.